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Best Top 5 Menu for Easy & fast Breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”; a statement heard and read many times in life than the statement has been structured into our minds but are we really following it? Are we paying reasonable amount of attention towards Breakfast which ideally should start our day so why do we forget that it is the meal which gives us nutrition, health and fitness adding up to activeness throughout the day. If you miss the meal which decided how your day would go, how would you be able to be more efficient and enthusiastic?

We’ve become so busy and occupied with work and other activities of daily life, we tend to forget how important it is to have a proper sit down breakfast filled with nutrition to keep you healthy. You and your family deserve a family breakfast to begin with happiness with fresh and refreshing food.

Heavy breakfast is not an option but a priority you need to set.

This article gives you an insight of some easy and fast breakfasts which are easy to make and very conveniently fit into your busy schedule:

I use these recipes all the time, these are definitely my favorite of all, convenient and quick ones to make. I am sure you will love these breakfast ideas.

Anda bhurji:

As most of us are a yes for egg always, Egg/Anda Bhurji is one the common and easy to make breakfast which gives you energy as we know egg is one of the most recommended foods item for everyone.


How to make?

This is a recipe I use all the time and is loved by anyone of any age.

Take eggs in a bowl and beat them, also put some spices like Chilly, Garam masala, salt, dhaniya powder according to taste and keep beating, add your favorite veggies, like capsicum, tomatoes and onions and mix all of this together.

Take a pan, pour some oil, heat is on medium flame, pour the egg mixture gently and start frying it and do not burn it so let the Bhurji be yellowish, a little brown if you want it good fried.

Serve and eat, you’re good to go, have slices of wheat bread with Bhurji and Viola! You’re all set for the day ahead.


Indian Poha

Poha is basically flattened rice.

Poha is very simple to make. First soak your “thick” poha in water and then take it out, the dust and extra particles go away.

Take a pan and heat some oil, add some mustard seeds and green chilies in the pan, when you see mustard seeds crackle, add potatoes first as they take time to cook now add onions and even capsicum if you like, you can also add carrots if you like, it’s your recipe, it’s your breakfast. Cook for sometimes.

When you see half cooked, add on the spices like salt, turmeric powder, little chili powder, garam masala, etc. now when it is wholly cooked, add Poha in the pan, and mix thoroughly so that veggies and spices get mixed with Poha. And it’s ready to eat and serve.


Fruits and Yogurt on your plate


One of the easiest, healthiest, and tastiest snacks or breakfasts available is this. Whether its strawberries, apples, banana, etc. mix it with yogurt and it would be heavy, filling yet so healthy. Try it, you’ll feel light yet filled.


Fresh juice:


What do we have here? Fresh juice, loves by all, and can be made by all. Juices are one of the most filling and nutritious past of breakfast which should be incorporated by everyone. Juices should always be a part of your breakfast which has it all and not even many efforts to be made. Be habitual of having fresh juice in the mornings.


Peanut Butter and Banana Toast:


Take slices of wheat bread put peanut butter over the slices, and in between the bread slices put pieces of banana sliced. This way you have taste of both peanut butter and bananas and toast, easy to make and easier to serve and eat. You can grill bread slices a little and garnish it with a little vanilla over bread slices. You’re good to go!


These were a few my favorite easy and fast breakfast recipes.

Hope this article helped!

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Last modified: July 1, 2014