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Bobby Jasoos – Reviews | Story Line | Star Cast

A movie with lead actress “Vidya Balan” seems like quite an entertaining and different concept movie. Vidya Balan is playing a character of detective who wants to be the best in the city of Hyderabad. Could you have expected this kind of role from Vidya Balan? But then again, she has always tried to experiment with her movies, her characters and acting abilities. No doubt, Vidya Balan is a great actress which beauty and poise and has already proved her acting abilities in so many movies she has done like the dirty picture, ishqiya, Kahaani, shaadi ke side effects, Parineeta, no one killed Jessica Lal and many more.

This movie is yet to be released on 4th July and people are eagerly waiting for this one played by Vidya Balan.

Last records of Vidya Balan have been experimental and mostly hits, she’s had many offers and is always proving others that she is equally talented and glamorous as other actresses in her own unique way.

Vidya Balan quoted that “role of a detective was irresistible to her” so of course she had to take this role in the movie as this is the very first a woman is playing to be a detective in Indian Cinema, this movies would be worth the watch.

Another completely different and unique about this movie, Vidya Balan is playing 12 roles in the movie in order to be best in her detective career in Hyderabad, in order to solve cases and vanish other competitions; she plays 12 characters in the whole movie. Isn’t it already a challenger in itself? It is a huge challenge and commitment by the actress.

In Bobby Jasoos, the actor opposite Vidya Balan is Ali Fazal, who has done some supporting roles in a few films like 2 idiots, Fukrey etc.

We still have to see how their chemistry turns out to be though, Vidya Balan is good with co starts in chemistry aspect which depicts how talented she is.

The movie is a must watch as the name is in itself very interesting and your 4th of July might turn out to be an entertaining great day.

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Last modified: July 3, 2014