Bose Triport vs. Sennheiser HD 205- A Comparative Analysis

Planning for new pair of headsets on the go??Well both the Bose Triport and the Senneiser HP 205 are powerful systems and a classic buy in exchange of your money. While the Sennheiser HD 205, promise “powerful stereo sound.”, the Bose Triport also retains its quality and brand performance. Thus , we put them to the test by pitting them against each and it is surely a close contest !!

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Bose Triport

Senneiser HP 205

Design and Style:

Their ergonomic design keeps them remarkably comfortable and lightweight, even as proprietary Bose headphone technology reveals the rich acoustical landscape of your music. Features like, ergonomic and comfortable lightweight design; soft over-ear cushions; swivel ear-cups; acoustic equalization for delivering audio nuances and intricacies and  thin adjustable headband adds  to its glamour  and   exquisiteness.

Well, The design of the Sennesier HP 2015 is  also, not only comfortable, but is added with loads other features too. For example ,the system takes out a lot of ambient noise. The headphone does not have active noise reduction but does a good job with its closed design headphone. Moreover , the rotatable ear cup as well as the single-sided cable make them a professional companion even for DJ’s. The HD205 come with a convenient protective pouch for storage and transportation and a gold-plated 1/4 inch jack adapter.


Slipping on the TriPort is a pleasure. It has extra-large cups that would fit even the most Dumbo-esque ears, and the lightweight (5 ounces) frame fits snugly without ever being too tight. Althought its ventilation isn’t great — as after wearing the headphones for a few hours, your ears might start to heat up a bit — but it’s  true of pretty much any pair of cans, aswell, including the HD 205.

The HP 205, also brings forth the same comfort zone. The device is a  more traditional model with a bulkier design. It’s just 2 ounces heavier, but you can really feel that extra weight, and the earcups are a bit smaller, too. Sennheiser provides a hinge on one side to make single-ear listening easier, but  it didn’t swing the earcup far enough to be really that useful.

For comfort, the TriPort easily nails the HD 205!


A backdrop feature of the Tripod being, is that the device  isn’t quite so well constructed — it feels like the earcups will come right off the frame if you pull on them too hard. Not only that, but Bose also made the unfortunate design choice of attaching each of the (very flimsy) ear wires to their respective cups.

Everything that dragged the HD 205 down in Round 1 makes it a powerhouse here. Thanks to the Sennheiser’s sturdy frame, you can push it, pull it, toss it around, and it’ll  still keep singing its way on. The HD 205  unlike the Triport, has wisely just a single, firmer wire connected to the left  ear cup.

Sennheiser shoves aside Bose on this score!


Well sounded nearly identical on each, with music on the Bose, slightly more open and defined — possibly because the colossal earcups created larger sound cavities. The Bose Triport integrates three drivers (the “Tri” in Triport) each designed to deliver a specific range of sound from low, mid, to high

The whole idea behind the TriPort’s design is bigger, better bass, and it delivered.

The Sennheiser HD 205 in this sphere, impresses us too. The device is not-only  noise canceling, but instead noise shielding. The ear cups themselves feature hypoallergenic pads and can rotate, making them easier to use for single ear listening when mixing or sharing music with friends. The Sennheiser HD 205-II has a frequency response of 14-20,000Hz with a nominal impedance of 32 Ohms.


The Bose TriPort – Headphones has been prices in India  at around Rs. 9109.


Whereas, the Sennheiser HS 205, has been priced  a comperatively lower price, around Rs. 4,490.(approx)

Final Verdict:

Well, if price is not a object of constraint, then the  TriPort is still the champ. The ever so, easy-breezy comfort and excellent sound of the Bose TriPort give it an edge.

The Sennheiser HD 205 however, dosent lages far behind, and catches up  to a long distance with its contender.

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Last modified: September 5, 2017