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If you are planning to buy a car, then buy it by the end of this month, as next month you may have to pay a higher price. Due to rising costs, Tata Motors, Honda and Renault may increase prices of their cars by early next year in January 2022 to offset the impact of rising costs. Earlier, Maruti Suzuki, which sells the largest number of cars in the country, and luxury auto companies Audi and Mercedes-Benz have already announced to increase prices from January 2022.

Auto companies will increase prices due to increase in cost

  • Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle Business President Shailesh Chandra said that commodity prices, raw material and other types of costs continue to rise steadily. In order to partially offset the effect of this increase in costs, future price increases cannot be avoided. Honda, which sells brands like City and Amaze, increased the prices of its cars in August this year as well.
  • According to Honda Cars India, it is looking at increasing the prices in the near future. A company spokesperson said, “Input cost has been severely impacted due to increase in commodity prices. We are still studying how much the price can be increased.”
  • Renault said that it is also looking at a “substantial” price hike in its vehicle range from January. The French company sells models like Kwid, Triber and Kieger in the Indian Renault market. With the sharp rise in prices of essential commodities like steel, aluminium, copper, plastics and precious alloys in the last one year, companies have been forced to hike prices.

Maruti, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have already announced

Maruti has announced an increase in the prices of its cars from January 2022 next year. However, this increase will depend on the model. In addition, Mercedes-Benz has announced a hike of up to 2% on some models due to more features and rising cost. On the other hand, Audi cars can also be costlier by 3 percent from January 2022 next year. Cars across all Audi models may become costlier due to rising input and operational costs.

Top 10 cars sold in November:

All the companies of the country have released the auto sales figures for November. 7 cars of Maruti Suzuki are included in the top 10 list in November. In this way, the country’s largest vehicle manufacturer Maruti has once again overtaken all other companies in the best-selling car. The remaining three cars in the top 10 are from Hyundai, Kia and Tata Motors. The special thing is that the top 3 cars are only hatchbacks, while according to a report, these days customers in India are liking the SUV the most.

Best Selling WagonR

Maruti Suzuki WagonR has been the best selling car in November. Last month, 16,853 units of this hatchback were sold, which is a growth of 3.67% over November last year. WagonR sold 16,256 units in November 2020.

Maruti Swift at number two

Despite failing the global NCAP crash test recently, it hasn’t had any impact on the sales of Maruti’s premium hatchback Swift. Maruti sold 14,568 units of Swift last month, up from only 9,180 units sold in October this year. However, the sales of Swift have dropped by 18,498 units as compared to November last year.

Maruti Alto at number three

Maruti’s oldest model Alto has been removed from the top rank by WagonR last month. With 13,812 units sold in November, the sales of Alto have actually dropped from 17,389 units sold in October this year. This is less than the 15,321 units sold by Maruti in November 2020. Maruti is going to bring a new variant of Alto soon. Which has recently been unveiled by Suzuki.

Maruti Vitara Brezza was the number one SUV at number four

Although it is at number four in the list, but it is the number one car in the SUV segment. It has been the best selling SUV in the last month. A total of 10,760 units of this sub-compact SUV have been sold, which is an increase of 37.28% as compared to 7,838 units in November last year. Hyundai Creta has been at number five in the list. It topped the mid-size SUV.

Hyundai Creta at number five

Like the Brezza, the Hyundai Creta made a comeback after a small gap in the top 10 best-selling cars in India last month. Hyundai sold 10,300 units of the Creta compact SUV in November, despite the current chip crisis leading to reduced production. In November last year, Hyundai sold 12,017 units of the Creta.

Maruti Baleno at number six

Sales of another premium hatchback from Maruti, Baleno, have slipped once again in November after a slight recovery in October. Maruti sold 9,931 units of Baleno last month as against 15,573 units in October. Baleno has recently become the latest car from India’s largest car manufacturer to fail the Latin NCAP crash test. In November last year, Maruti sold 17,872 units of Baleno.

Tata Nexon at number seven

The Tata Nexon sub-compact SUV has broken into the top 10 selling cars in India in recent times, taking on other competitors such as the Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet, Mahindra XUV 300. Tata sold 9,831 units of the Nexon last month, which is slightly lower than Tata’s 10,096 units sold in October this year. Tata has already sold over 2 lakh units of the Nexon SUV in India since its launch in 2017 and is one of the first cars in India to achieve a 5-star adult safety rating in the Global NCAP crash test.

Maruti Eeco at number eight

Maruti sold 9,571 units of the Eeco in November. Eeco is one of the best selling cars of India’s largest carmaker. The van recently registered a sales figure of 7 lakh units since its sale in India 10 years ago.

Maruti Ertiga at number nine

Maruti’s seven-seater MPV continues to dominate the segment in November as well. Maruti sold 8,752 units of the Ertiga last month, despite a drop in sales compared to the carmaker in October this year. In November last year, Maruti had sold 9,557 units of the Ertiga.

Kia Seltos in the end

Last month in the list of top 10 cars sold in India is Kia’s Creta Seltos. Kia sold 8,659 units of the Seltos SUV, which is lower than the 10,488 units it sold in October. Kia had sold 9,205 units of Seltos in November last year.

Ranking Name of Car Total Units Sold in November Ex-showroom Price
1. Maruti WagonR 16,853 INR. 4.93 – 6.46 lakh.
2. Maruti Swift 14,568 INR. 5.85 – 8.67 lakh.
3. Maruti Alto 13,812 INR. 3.15 – 4.83 lakh.
4. Maruti Vitara Brezza 10,760 INR. 7.62 – 11.20 lakh.
5. Hyundai Creta 10,300 INR. 10.16 – 17.78 lakh.
6. Maruti Baleno 9,931 INR. 5.99 – 9.45 lakh.
7. Tata Nexon 9,831 INR. 7.30 – 13.35 lakh.
8. Maruti Eeco 9,571 INR. 4.38 – 5.69 lakh.
9. Maruti Ertiga 8,752 INR. 7.97 – 10.70 lakh.
10. Kia Seltos 8,659 INR. 9.95 – 18.10 lakh.
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Last modified: January 12, 2022