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Chinese Restaurants in Dehradun

Dehradun is the place of fun loving and a famous city in India. Dehradun is very famous for the best honeymoon destination in India. It is a very famous place and known as Adobe of Drona. The temperature of Dehradun is very low and it is a cool city even in the months of summers. Here are the so many Chinese restaurants in Dehradun.





Orchard Restaurant is located on Rajpur road,Dehradun. This Restaurant is tucked in beautiful surroundings on Old Rajpur Road. Amazing feel allows you to breathe nature with your Chinese food. Food quality is also very good.

Nanking Restaurant

Nanking Restaurant t is located on National Highway 72, Dehradun. Its Provides very tasty Chinese foods. This Restaurant is Famous for Multi-cuisine items. The staff is very helpful according to the customers.

Chutney Merry

Chutney Merry Restaurant is located on34,Kaulagarh Rd, Dehradun. The food is well presented – service is great – and the kababs and Chinese food here is great. The taste and quality more than made up for it. Staff is wonderful and very helpful of all your requests and special needs.

The Wok -Oriental Cuisine Restaurant

The Wok -Oriental Cuisine Restaurant is located Opposie The Take Away, Dehradun.  Its restaurant is nice fine dining restaurant with nice environment. It’s serves amazing Chinese foods.

Moti Mahal Hotel & Restaurant

Moti Mahal Hotel & Restaurant is located Near Digvijaya Hall, Dehradun. It is a top Chinese restaurant of Dehradun. Here is a choice of tim sum, Indian-Chinese and Indian food.

The Outpost

The Outpost Restaurant is located also on Rajpur road, Dehradun. This restaurant is nothing fancy and big, but has a quaint interior with a courteous staff and an owner who takes personal interest to give you delicious hot food at grab prices. Serves only Chinese food.

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