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Chinese Restaurants in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is called as the ‘access to Yamunotri and Gangotri shrines of Northern India. An interesting fact about Mussoorie’s name is that it is derivative from the word ‘Mansoor’ – a shrub which is original to the area. Longing for yummy noodles, hot and spicy soups, crispy spring rolls and costly fried rice? Well, you may be looking for some good Chinese restaurants on the full of life streets of Mussoorie.



Kasmanda Palace

Kasmanda Restaurant is located in  Mussoorie. Go for the special Chicken momos and Thukpa, and you will be nicely amazed by their real planning. A perfect place to enjoy with family and friends over great food and cool beverages.

Chutney Merry

Chutney Merry Restaurant is located on Kaulagarh Rd, Dehradun, Mussoorie. The plentiful reach has everything you want in the name of Chinese cuisine- ranging from hot momos, tasty noodles to tasty soups and tasty rice; you will love every offering on the menu.

 The Rice Bowl

The Rice Bowl Restaurant is located on Mall Road, Mussoorie. It’s planned for the Chinese culture, it restaurant provide top most Chinese foods like, noodles, hot and spicy soups, crispy spring rolls etc.


Barista Restaurant is located in Kulri Bazar, Mussoorie. The restaurant is Chinese foods restaurant. Its provides like noodles, spring roll too tasty. The staff is very helpful.


Maacozy Restaurant is located on Library Chowk, Mussoorie. Its Provide multi cuisine foods, Chinese foods, fast foods etc. It’s so clean and outstanding.


Kalsang Restaurant is located on Mall road, Mussoorie. The best menu at Kalsang boasts of real Chinese and Thai cuisines at prices that won’t burn up a hole in your pocket.

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