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 Delhi to Tirupati travel guide

India is known for the rich and vast culture it embodies. Throughout the history the reign of different dynasties, their beliefs have left many footprints on the sands of time in the form of temples and historical artifacts that help a lot in assessing the true identity and beliefs of our forefathers. One such legendary temple is the Tirupati Balaji temple situated at the foothills of Eastern Ghats near the city of Tirumala which acts like a gateway to the temple. The significance of this temple is such that on a daily basis it receives donations upto 22 million INR. The flux of tourism in this region is immense mainly due to pilgrimage value and an enchanting impromptu with the nature. However today in this article we are going to assess various modes of transportation from New Delhi to Tirupati.

Mode of transport Roadways Airways Railways
Distance (in Km) 2115 1550 2130
Time taken 32-35 hrs 4-10 hrs 35 hrs
Cost High Very high cheapest
Direct conveyance Only by private vehicle Available available



New Delhi (Delhi) to Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) driving directions for the distance of 2115 kilometers. It will take at least 1 day 8 hours 9 minutes by road and will cost you at least Rs.10525 of fuel! Beautiful weather for sightseeing and other outdoor activity. There are several options available such as you can drive to Hyderabad and from there to Tirupati.

Railways and airways

There are direct flights and trains for this journey. New Delhi (Delhi) to Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) distance is 1550 km and you can get there by flight in just over 3 hours and 50 minutes or by train fares starting from 630. The heat there will make you sweat, but it’s surely bearable!!

Flight Airlines Stops Duration Fare (Rs) Fare (early bird)
SG-236 &SG-1021 SpiceJet 1 at Hyderabad 9.5hrs 13300 11000
AI-542 Air India Non – stop 3.5hrs 11000 5500
AI-839 Air India 1 at Hyderabad 17.5hrs 15300 9000
AI-560 Air India 1 at Hyderabad 6.5hrs 15700 10500
AI-126 Air India 1 at Hyderabad 20.5hrs 20000 17000
9W-643 & AI – 542 Air India &Jet airways 1 at Hyderabad 17.5hrs 22700 15300

New Delhi (Delhi) to Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) trains are available with fares starting from  630 and shortest train journey duration from 33 hours and 10 minutes.

Train name Class Timings Duration Fare
Kerala Express


3A/2A/SL 11:30am – 8:10pm 33hr 10min 1600/2500/600
Swarna Jayanti


3A/2A/SL 5:55am – 4:45pm 34hrs 1700/2450/630
ERS Millennium express(12646) 3A/2A/SL 5:55am – 4:45pm 34hrs 1750/2350/630
Himsagar express(16318) 3A/2A/SL 12:25pm – 12:50am 36.5hrs 1700/2450/630
AP Sampark Kranti(12708) 3A/2A/SL 7:20am – 9:35pm 38.5hrs 1675/2500/630


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Last modified: May 14, 2014