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Dominos Noida | Dominos Numbers

Domino’s Pizza is still more easy and suitable. With the help of Pay Mate, India’s leading mobile payments company, Domino’s Pizza customers can now pay for their pizzas through credit cards, while placing the order over phone. It will start in Noida and Mumbai before being rolled out across the country.

How many times have you been stuck at home, too lazy to go out and with no cash in your purse? How nice would it be to get a quick a solution to hunger without hunting for cash or aflame your fingers at the range? The next time you are hungry and need a bite into a cheesy pizza, there will be no need to look for cash at home, run to the nearest ATM or burn your fingers at the stove. Just order from Domino’s using your credit card and has a hot tasty pizza delivered right at your access.

Pizza Numbers

NOIDA NOIDA 2512050,2512049,2512051-53,2515919/5920/5975/5998/5933
NOIDA SECTOR 61 NOIDA 2581738-44, 2581747, 4241087, 4260482
NOIDA SECTOR 50 NOIDA 4241435, 4248996, 4281101,4281102,2577609-16
NOIDA SEC 110 NOIDA 2563737-44, 3292103, 2950670
DLF 3C GALAXY SEC 62 NOIDA 2405590-97,4284550, 4284560
AMITY UNIVERSITY – NOIDA NOIDA 6481604,6481328,6481102
Sector-63(Noida) NOIDA 4725450-499
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