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Dominos VS Pizza Hut Pricing

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Dominos VS Pizza Hut Pricing

The world’s biggest fast food brands are lowering there price to capture the hearts  and wallet of the consumer. Brands like Dominos and Pizza hut have adopted the pricing policy. Both the brands are competing on the same demographic market and comparison between is based on leveled ground. Before the check price list we give you some information about both largest pizza chain.

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Pizza Hut vs Domino’s

Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza are the two largest chains of Pizza restaurants. Although both chains were born in the USA they now have thousands of stores worldwide. Each of the two has a loyal customer base. Theirs is becoming one of the the biggest rivalries in the food industry, equivalent to those between McDonalds and Burger King, or Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Pick a side in the pizza battle!

History of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the oldest of the two companies. It was founded in 1958 by two Wichita State University students, Frank and Dan Carney. They were considering a career in Electrical Engineering, but since pizza was not very known in Wichita (Kansas) at that time. Frank and Dan saw a business opportunity, borrowed $600 from their mother and opened their very first restaurant in a small building that looked like a hut and which sign had only space for 9 letters, so they called it Pizza Hut. The business went well and quickly expanded all over the country, and internationally. Now the company is part of Yum! Brands (also owner of KFC and Taco Bell). Pizza Hut has more than 11,000 restaurants and 160,000 employees in the world.

History of Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza also started as a family story. In 1960, Tom Monaghan and his brother, James, purchase “DomiNick’s” a pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, borrowing $900 to acquire the store. A year later, Tom bought his brother’s share of the company. In 1965 Tom renamed it Domino’s Pizza. The business grew quickly, and after opening many new stores in the USA, Domino’s first restaurant abroad was opened in Winnipeg, Canada. The company is the second-largest pizza chain in the USA (after Pizza Hut) but the number one worldwide, with more than 10,000 restaurants and 220,000 employees in 70 countries. It’s a public company registered at the New York Stock Exchange.

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                                                   Pizza hut                                Dominos

Garlic Bread                               Rs. 89                                      Rs. 75

Chicken Wings                           Rs. 235                                    Rs.115



                                                  Pizza hut                                  Dominos

                                     Small , Medium , Large             Small ,  Medium , Large   

Margherita                 Rs.115  Rs.245     Rs.435           Rs.80     Rs.190     Rs.340

Double Cheese           Rs.165  Rs.345     Rs.545            Rs.135   Rs.275     Rs.435

Country Special        Rs.225   Rs.425     Rs.625           Rs.135   Rs.275     Rs.435 

Spicy Chicken           Rs.225   Rs.425     Rs.625           Rs.180   Rs.335     Rs.500  

Pizza Mania and Magic Pan Pizza

                                                  Pizza Hut                          Dominos

Veg Singles                                Rs.44                                 Rs.44

Veg Doubles                              Rs.59                                 Rs.59

Non veg Single                          Rs.69                                 Rs.69

Non Veg Doubles                      Rs.79                                 Rs.79


Pizza hut has come up with Every Day Special meals @ Rs. 99.

It includes 3course meal –

1 Pan Pizza + Appetiser + Beverage


Major players in fast food :-

  • KFC

  • Pizza Hut

  • Domino’s pizza

  • Barista

  • Subway

  • Papa John’s

  • Smokin joe’s

 Conclusion and Comparison

  • Indian people are price sensitive hence people like to eat more at Domino’s Pizza as compared to Pizza Hut. Respondents prefer to eat at Domino’s over pizza hut.
  • People who prefer to eat at Pizza Hut as compared to Domino’s like the Service and Atmosphere that they get at Pizza Hut.
  • People prefer to eat at Domino’s as compared to Pizza Hut due to its Pricing and accessibility.
  • According to the Online Survey people think that Pizza Hut has better food quality as compared to Domino’s reason may be the environment.
  • According to Survey Pizza Hut provides better service as compared to Domino’s, reason may be that Domino’s has a self service system in their outlets but Pizza Hut serves to the customers themselves in many outlets.
  • According to the survey Domino’s has comparatively better home delivery service as compared to pizza but.
  • People first look far Quality Pizza First, Accessibility and Service remains the second.

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