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Drool kitchen, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi

Drool kitchen

Phone: 011 45095615, 011 45095616

Address: Near Metro Station, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi

A decent hangout place located conveniently at the Sec 10 Metro station with ample parking. Also, being in this location it is also in a clean area as opposed to restaurants like Berco’s etc where you have to go up a dirty staircase. That in itself puts me off about most restaurants in Dwarka, This here, is a welcome relief. 
The decor is nice and spacious with an outdoor area too which I believe would be nice in better weather.
Finally, the food – I have only had dinner here once and ordered regular North Indian/Mughlai non-veg, and the food was fairly good. The service was a little ineffective though. There was papad and chutney which is complimentary but you had to call the servers several times before they would respond. The meat was well spiced but overcooked and so did not taste much like meat, but the nicely flavored gravy saved the dish. I did not find any of the dishes outstanding but then it wasn’t bad either. 

The vibrant atmosphere of Drool Kitchen immediately captures you from the moment you step in. From its convenient location near the metro station to the dedicated staff, Drool Kitchen strives to acquaint you with a novel style of dining. Its fresh approach to the concept of a fun night out in town has no precedent in the city. The live pizza station flares gleefully as it bakes delicious pizzas to perfection. Inside our culinary wizards are at work as well, creating wonders for your palate. Enjoy them seated in the heart of activity or in your own private alcove with your company.


North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian


Dishes Veg/non-veg
Caesar 115/135
Greek salad 115/135
Garden green salad 100
Tomato bruchetta 115
Vegetable steak with BBQ sauce 250
Rosemary potatos 125
Herb grilled veggies 200
Fish and chips 290
Grilled fish with lemon butter 350
Patte de pollo 350
Chicken roulade with gongzola 250
Arborio risotto 250
Pizza and pasta Price
Choice of pasta 250/270
Lasagna 230/300
Pizza diavola 350
Pizza Cleopatra 330
Pizza 330
Quattro stragiani 330
Tandoori chicken pizza 330
Dimsums Price
Vegetarian 165
7 pcs chicken 225
Starters Price
Spring roll 200/240
Salt and pepper 200/240
Chilli paneer/chicken 200/240
Crispy honey veg/chicken 200/240
Stir fried veg/chicken 200/240
Crispy baby corn and mushroom in thai herbs 200
Pepper corn cheese roll 200
Sliced chicken garlic chilli 220
Chicken coconut fafa 240
Crispy ginger fish 290
Main course Price
Vegetables 265
Thai veg/chicken curry 290
Sichuan chicken 290
Hunan spicy chicken 290
Chicken in black pepper sauce 290
Burmese chicken curry 290
Kung pao chicken 290
Sliced fish in chilli sauce 290
Shredded lamb with coriander chilli sauce 290
Prawn garlic basil 430




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Last modified: July 17, 2014