E-Auctioning For VIP Numbers: Delhi Government

If you are looking for VIP numbers for your vehicles so you can buy via Bidding online on E-auctioning Website of Delhi Government. 

Here’s a Minimum BID Pricing List for Numbers of Series of Numbers in which they fall:

Category A – Single Digit Number Like  – 0001 ( Minimum Bid Rs.5 Lakhs)

Category B – Single Digit Number like – 0002 to 0009 ( Minimum Bid Rs.3 Lakhs)

Category C – Double Digit Number like – 0010 to 0099 and 0786 ( Minimum Bid Rs.2 Lakhs)

Category D – Three Digit Number like – 0111 to 0999 or 1111, 2222, 3333 ( Minimum Bid Rs.1 Lakhs)


Process of Bidding Online:

Buyers need to register online and place their bid for the desired number. After a successful online registration, buyers will be given a Unique Acknowledgement Number (UAN) that will be open for the first eight working days from the start of the e-auction. Just like any other auction, the buyer with the highest bids will take home the VIP or fancy number to his prized possession.
The helpline numbers for e-auction of Registration Mark of Choice are 011-23865600, 23865601. These helpline numbers will be available on all working days from 10:30 AM to 05:00 PM.
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Last modified: September 23, 2014