Famous Places to Visit in Kolhapur

The land of magnificent temples, Kolhapur is the religious pride of Maharashtra. Nestled in the tranquil laps of the Sahyadri mountain ranges, it is situated on the verge of the river Panchganga. Surrounded by rivers from all directions with Krishna Ganiki to the east, Shiva and Mayuri to the west, Veda and Yaksha to the south and to the north, Krishna and Warana, Kolhapur is the abode to a plethora n of fascinating temples. Kolhapur has a glorious tradition impicted in its various art forms, Indian epics, architecture and sculpture, with a history dating back to thousands of years.

Visiting Kolhapur is experiencing the magical amalgamation of Nature, History, Culture and Spirituality all at one place. Kolhapur has something to offer for every type of tourism. Some of the prominent places to visit while on a stay in Kolhapur are:

v  Mahalaxmi  Temple Kolhapur:

The Shri Mahalakshmi Temple of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India, is one of the Shakti Peethas also called Dakshin Kashi, listed in various puranas of Hinduism. The Kolhapur peetha is of special religious significance, being one of the six places where it is believed one can either obtain salvation from desires or have them fulfilled. The temple is believed to be built as old  as back in the 700 AD. Mounted on a stone platform, the image of the four armed and crowned goddess is made of gemstone and weighs about 40 kilograms. The image of Mahalakshmi carved in black stone is 3 feet in height. The Shri yantra is carved on one of the walls in the temple. A stone lion, the vahana of the goddess, stands behind the statue.\


Bhavani Mandap, Old Palace, Kolhapur:

Although smaller in size than Mahalaxmi temple, Bhavani Mandap holds equal importance to the citizens and pilgrims all over the country. It is the temple of goddess Tulja Bhavani (also known as Bhavani) who according to mythology is a guest in her elder sister Mahalaxmi’s city Kolhapur. This palace has old fashioned architecture and it is huge in size and strong in construction.  A beautiful idol of Goddess Bhavani can be seen in Bhavani chowk.

Rankala Chaupathi, Kolhapur:

Rankala Lake is one of the great place of kolhapur , where beautiful garden around the lake which entertain you and swing your heart in whirpool. A beautiful lake is named offer the temple of ‘Rankbhairav’. an incarnation of lord Shiva, A quarry is formed in to a natural lake after earthquake in 8th / 9th century AD. Well maintained garden & beautiful shalini palace along the lake side attracts every visitor to Kolhapur.

Shalini Palace:

Shalini Palace is located very close to the famous Rankala lake. Surrounded by tall palm trees and lush green lawns this palace offers visitors a magnificent place of interest in Kolhapur which at the same time provides a wonderful backdrop to the lake. The palace was constructed with Italian marble and black stone. The main door has Belgium glass and the inscription work on it reflects the majesty of the Royal family of Kolhapur. One can enjoy the reflection of the palace on a moonlit night on the Rankala lake, as well as its serene beauty during sunset. The palace has currently been converted into a 3-star hotel.

Town Hall Museum:

The best feature of interest in the city is the Town Hall Kolhapur Museum. This is his first creation in Kolhapur, the only building in pure Neo-gothic style. The frontel porch of the Museum is flanked by towers with steeply pyramidal metal roofs. Historical ruminants from bramhapuri, old paintings, coins, sculpture remains along with weaponry are displayed here.

New Palace Museum:

It is an excellent specimen of architecture build in black, polished stone, it has been an popular attraction for the tourists. It has extensive premises with a beautiful garden, fountain and wrestling ground. The whole building is eight-angled and has a tower in the middle. The clock on it fixed back in 1877. At separate distance there are small towers. On every glass are painted the events in Shivaji’s life. There is zoo and a ground lake. Even today, it is the residence of Shreemant Shahu Maharaja.

Kolhapur also depicts its traditions through  various spheres such as ist lifestyles, culture/enrertainment and cousiunes.

Kolhapur Lifestyle:

Kolhapur Celebrates Life in its full grandeour. The lifestyle of Kolhapur include Kolhapur Pheta (turban), Kolhapur Saaz, Kolhapur Chappal.

Kolhapur Cousines:

The Cuisine of Kolhapur is known all over the world for its tastes and splendors. Some popular traditional cousines of Kolhapur include, Kolhapur Misal, Pandra/Tambra Rassa and special preparation of Mutton.

Kolhapur Entertainment:

The people of Kolhapur still seek Entertainment in the age old avenues of Wrestling and Traditional Lavni Dance. Wrestlers of Kolhapur are famous around the world.

So go, plan a trip as nearest as possible to the cultural  hub of Maharastrian culture, Kolhapur and and submerge in the relaxing timeframe of our glorifying past and history.


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Last modified: May 19, 2014