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When we stride or stroll across the frozen lake,
We place our feet where they have never been.
We walk upon the unwalked. But we are uneasy.
Who is down there but our old teachers?
Water that once could take no human weight-
We were students then- holds up our feet,
And goes on ahead of us for a mile.
Beneath us the teachers, and around us the stillness

They Inspire You,
They Entertain You,
And You End Up Learning A
Ton Even When You Don’t Know It.

Happy Teachers Day….

The Way You Teach…
The Knowledge You Share…
The Care You Take…
The Love You Shower..
Makes You…
The World’s Best Teacher…
Happy Teacher’s Day!

If Only I Could Have Your Blessing For A Lifetime,
I Would Succeed
The Way I Have Done Always.
Thanks For Your Time
And Your Consideration Dear Sir.

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Guru Tere Upkar Ka,
Kaise Chukau Main Mol ?
Laakh Keemti Dhan Bhala.
Guru Hain Mera Anmol….

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Last modified: September 5, 2014