Confederate Hellcat X132

Hellcat X 132 is a bike from Confederate Motorcycles. Hellcat is a monster of a bike including specs are such 2163 cc V-twin with square 4.4-inch by 4.4-inch cylinders and a monolithic 145 foot-pounds (196.6 nm) of torque. It has a 5 speed transmission. Hellcat is the fastest, toughest and the cheapest bike coming out of Confederate Garage.

The Monster is also owned By India Cricket Team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He purchased Hellcat after the end of IPL season 5. It cost him 27 lakhs.

Last updated on 16-06-2021

The latest model launched by the company is called the X132 Hellcat Speedster and was designed by Pierre Terblanche. The motorcycle is hand built, weighs only 500 lbs and is propelled by a potent 2,163 cc, 56° fuel injected V-Twin engine with 4.4” Bore x 4.4” Stroke. The engine puts out a maximum power of 121 hp and 140 foot pounds of torque. All this power is routed to the rear wheel by means of a five speed drag racing transmission. X132 Hellcat Combat Prototype on an average top speed of 172.211mph.

The new model shares many elements with the initial Hellcat roadster, but it comes with a completely fresh design and plenty of other unique features.

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