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How to stay healthy with work

We all some or the other time, forget ourselves and the importance of staying healthy while working for 8-10 hours a day and coming home tired and you see a couch right in front of you and there you go, putting on calories over calories every day by following the same routine. But ask yourselves this, whom are you working this much for? Your family, your husband, wife, in some cases your children or yourself? 

Your health is most important and until you are active, healthy and fit, your family will ultimately suffer with boredom and laziness. These days our life style and way of living life has advanced so much that we have forgotten the value of giving ourselves some time and space from work and other business activities.

We should not learn this the hard way that’s why I have out together some tips and wrote this article by giving you insights of how you can keep yourself healthy, fit and enthusiastic if you follow these little tips.

Before going about this article always remember, breakfast is the most important and effective meal of the day which means never leave for work before having breakfast. Always plan your time ahead and leave extra time for breakfast. Don’t take it as an extra activity but a priority and necessity like somehow you won’t survive without having breakfast.

Some tips to stay healthy

Sleep: we’re so much occupied with 8-10 hours of work shift with late night presentation preparations with early morning meetings and presentations, we tend to lose health and gain wealth but wealth is nothing without the health to experience the value and benefits of money. Whenever you get the time, take a sleep, whether it’s in the afternoon, late night, morning, but have a sleep, and complete your deprived sleep as you don’t want to end up in an important meeting with dark circles around your eyes.


Fruits and Vegetable: Fresh fruits and vegetable must always be available in you fridge for you to grab and leave for work or incorporate fruits in your meals plan for the day. Spend some of your time of Sunday in relaxing and buying some fruits and vegetables for the coming week full of stress and work. Fruits should always be a part of your day. You can also prepare fresh juices and have and stay healthy fit.


Use stairs: Avoid elevators and come downstairs or go upstairs through stairs. That would keep you active throughout the day in office also cutting off that extra flab on your body.


Workouts: do you there’s a myth that exercising tired the body rather, the true fact is exercising will make you more active and enthusiastic if you spare 15 minutes or even more depending on your work schedule. Give yourself for warm up, yoga or other exercises in the morning before work and trust me! You will feel refreshed and energetic the whole day. It will make you more efficient and effective. You don’t need a gym always to stay fit, wake up have some water and a fruits and exercise, no matter, which one you’re doing, it always helps. Go on! Put on some music and exercise!


Stay hydrated: drink a lot of water, always, no matter which season or time, have lots of water, it will not only improve and clear your skin as everyone says but will also keep your body clean from inside giving you a fresh look outside as well as inside.


Breaks in office: try and take small breaks in office and go for a small walk as you don’t want to collect all that fat over your body by just sitting in one place and working for hours and hours.


Pay more attention to yourselves and that’ll keep you happy and healthy, making it better for the people around you also!

Hope this article helped!

Stay healthy!


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Last modified: July 1, 2014