Is Royal Enfield Classic 350 a Good Buy

Despite their dated design, the classic-looking motorcycles have a special flavor which attracts many fans. This is why many contemporary models keep the vintage lines of the old motorcycles. However what lies under the skin is far from being dated as most of them are fitted with modern engines and technologies.

One of these bikes is the 2013 Royal Enfield Classic 350 which is able to keep its head up with dignity against any other motorcycle of its type.

A host of, factors and features ,  still retails it as a top-notch favourable option, for many . ike enthuisiasts  across the country and abroad. Here,s a close look , to some of the prominent reasons why..

Superb Mileage and Fuel Efficiency:

The Royal Enfeild Bullet classic gives, 32to 35 KMPL of mileage, powered by  electronic fuel injection system. It’s superbly structured , unit construction engines , adds up to its reason of providing higher fuel efficiency.


Quick Pick up:

The bike, Royal Enfeild classic 350 comes with comes loaded with unit construction engine,  and the mill is so designed to provide to  better performance and comfort. The pick up and the acceleration are even upgraded, in the new machine,  as against it’s predicessors.  The top speed of the Royal Enfeild Classic 350 being 130km/hour.


Blasting Royal Colors:

The bike is readily available in three royal body colors. The Classic 35o is available in red , black and   sky blue colors. The body colors are inprinted on the front  and read fender, fuel tank , mask, air filter box,  and utility box. Engine silencer, rear fork, rear view mirrors and leg guards, are in silver shades for both motor cycles.


Spleadour Looks:

If you want to buy a vintage plus latert bike , the royal enfeild Classis 350 is the best option out there for you. As it is a perfect plus well designed blend , vintage plus . advanced design and features. The  bake can be easily differenciated by it’s front disc brake, number of plates and took box, multi spoke rim, single saddled seat, silencer , air filter box , and leg guard.


Ultimate Dimensions:

The overall length, breadth and height of royal Enfeild Classic 350, 2130, 1050 and 800mm respectively. The wheel base (1370mm), saddle height (800mm), and ground clearance (140mm), are the prominent structural speciation’s of the vehicle.


The Comfort Quotient:

The ultimate answer to comfort bikes is the royal Enfield, and the classic 350 being no expectation. Riding Posture, seating arrangement, and other comfort features makes it one of the best bikes suited for bikers. The handle brs are fitter at an appropriate distance, enabling the rider to ride the vehicle with added comfort and ease. The thigh pads, located on the petrol tanks, provides with enough room and support to the rider. Moreover, the passenger seat is fitted to the rear grab rail , and footpegs being present for both the riders . Thus, the comfort quotient of  the classic 350 , surely rises above the bar.


The Best in Class on road Handling:


The Royal Enfeild renders adequate tools for both the active and passive support of the riders. A few , notable  amongst it.s series of superior on road , handling features includes, front disk brakes, gas filled shock absorber, widest wheel base , roll over sensor under the drivers seat, to provide additional safety and support in case of accident or skidding. 

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Last modified: July 2, 2014