Jumbo King in Indore

Jumbo King in Indore:-

Its outlets in Indore are:-


Contact Details

Shop No.3, 56 Dukan, Main Road, Indore – 452001 Ph: 022-29271286, 29271357
Tiger Food Fiesta, Near C21 Mall, AB Road, Vijay Nagar, Indore – 452017 M: 07314200084
84 Opposite Gurudwara, Jawahar Marg Bata, Choraha, Indore – 452001 M: 09009999965
Shop No. 1, Bengali Chouraha Main, Goyal Nagar, Near Hero Honda Showroom, Ring Road, South By-Pass Road, Indore – 452001 M: 08109900084
C1, Nagori Apartment, Kailash Park, Geeta Bhawan Mainroad, Indore – 452001 Ph: 022-29271286, 29271357
Pradeep Apartment.1 Bargal Colony, Palishkar Choraha Main, Indore – 452004 Ph: 022-29271286, 29271357
13/18 Dhanwantari Marg, Gurudwara Chowk, Ujjain- 456001 Ph: 022-29271286, 29271357


Schezwan Combo: Schezwan Jumboking with Coke at just Rs. 40/-

Crispy Veg Combo: Crispy Veg Jumboking with Coke at just Rs. 50/-

Makka Palak Combo: Makka Palak Jumboking with Coke at just Rs. 50/-

Schezwan Cheese Combo: Schezwan Cheese Jumboking with Coke at just Rs. 55/-

Schezwan Cheese Grilled Combo: Schezwan Cheese Grilled Jumboking with Coke at just Rs. 60/-

Crispy Veg Cheese Combo: Crispy Veg Cheese Jumboking with Coke at just Rs. 65/-

Not just these offers, but the Single Vada Pavs are equally good. John Abraham had one of these only. He still loves to hog on them. The World’s Vada Pavs offered here are:-

Name of the Item

Prices (Rs.)



Regular Jumboking


Grilled Jumboking


Grilled Butter Jumboking


Schezwan Jumboking


Regular Cheese Jumboking


Schezwan Grill Jumboking


Makka Palak Jumboking


Cheese Grilled Jumboking


Crispy Veg Jumboking


Schezwan Cheese Jumboking


Schezwan Cheese Grill Jumboking


Crispy Veg Cheese Jumboking


Makka Palak Cheese Jumboking



Though the Menu is small, still it is worth it. This is the reason why such a small shop has established itself in such a great varsity with more than 60 outlets across the nation. 

All its stores are open from 11:00 am-10:30 pm. The approximate cost for two people will be around Rs.100/- only.


E-Mail: [email protected]


In 2007, Jumbo King received an Award for the New Concept Franchising and was declared as the Most Innovative Franchisee Model. So, even though it is a miniscule place, but offers more than its cost. So, enjoy the best Vada Pavs! Remember! Even John Abraham had them. Welcome to Mumbai in Indore!!!


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Last modified: July 15, 2014