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Laser Hair removal treatment vs. Electrolysis

How fast the technology is developing and advancements are being made everyday. There are various beauty treatments, hair treatments, and beauty and hair products introduced and launched regularly to assure people, that beauty is not only a birth right but can be developed and perfected with time, care and ofcourse the new products beeing launched in the market if you what type of skin you have and what suits you best.

Many women these days suffer from Hair growth on unwanted places like on face which is due to hormonal imbalances or age or other factors in the body. But of course a woman cannot control these factors rather can always find and research about treatments available to make their life easier.

In this case, we have got two most common hair removal techniques and technologies which are becoming very famous within women and it is important to research thoroughly about these technologies and then choose one or go for the one you think suits you.

The two popular types of techniques are Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis which are most wanted and most tried treatments.

But which one do we choose?

Laser Hair Removal treatment is ideally hair reduction treatment which is performed with high care and usually on fair with dark hair although it is been said that dark complexion might not accept Laser Hair Removal that efficiently as compared to Fair skin types.

Whereas Electrolysis is used on any skin type whether its dark, light or any complexion or skin type.

Laser hair removal is a process which takes about 5-6 sessions in order to get the complete treatment done which is quite time consuming. But this time limitaion depends upon the bigger or smaller space of removing hair.

Electrolysis needs atleast 15-20 session for one person according to hair as in this process each follicle is treates individually which is pretty time consuming.

Laser Treatment feels like a rubber snapping on your face and also heat sentation on skin.

Electrolysis is a process in which a stinging pain is felt as a needle is individually treating your hair.

Laser has a few side effects which work according to the skin types like skin discoloring, more hair growth etc.

Electrolysis is a method that can cause redness or discoloration on skin

All of these side effects work according to skin types so it is exteremely necessary to consult a good doctor before going for either treatment.

In conclusion, laser is good for fair skin with dark hair but if you want completely hair removal and you are dark complextion then you must prefer electrolysis.



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Last modified: July 2, 2014