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Libra –Traits and Personality:

Libra-Key Strengths:

  • Diplomatic
  • Graceful
  • Peaceful
  • Idealistic
  • Hospitable


Libra –Key Weaknesses:

  • Superficial
  • Vain
  • Indecisive
  • Unreliable


Libra and Friendship:

Libras love excitement, new situations, adventure and the unusual. They make friends with people from all walks of life and they are always up to something new and exciting with enthusiasm. Libras are great at getting along with people, everyone likes a Libra. In other words, they are the glue that hold a group together because they are the ones responsible for keeping harmony and peace.

Libra and Career:

Libra is an Air sign which makes these natives curious, sociable and very active mentally. Thus, All occupations that stimulate their intellect, besides giving these Balanced Ones a chance to communicate will be very favourable for them as careers. Since the sense of justice of the Libra is very strong, they do not support injustices, and sincerely believe in fair-play. Therefore they are well suited as diplomats, judges, public relations consultants, advisers, psychologists and artists.


Libra-Love and Relation Ship:

  • The Libra Woman:

The Libra woman is Enchanting and charming. She endorses and admires,   adoration and compliment. While on date , keep due notice of the exquisiteness of the environment, with preference on elegent and poshed surrounding. In love, a Libran  woman would make a very, very attractive, charming, tender, loving, committed and absorbing  partner.

  • The Libra Man:

The Libra Man , too is a charming, harmonious indivigual and can relate to women on their level – a characteristic of Libra is the ability so see the world through the eyes of others. For a Libra , it may be a stringent  task of appreciate the deeper meaning of love. Thus , love for them is a slow and gradual procress.



Libra –Deep Inside:

The Librans are most likely to hide or bend their own true feelings in order to bring peace with a group and to make others like them. Sometime this results in them not really knowing what their true feelings are because they are trying to make everyone happy. they simply do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or cause disorder or friction in a situation. The inside of  the Libran is very insecure. Thus they need constant, love and approval, restraining  their  inner  esteem and self appraisal.

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Last modified: July 7, 2014