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List of Best TV series to watch before you die

Numerous shows have come by and tintillated the masses with their great offerings. Few have been solid earners for their channels throughout the run; few accomplished this feat in patches as in some particular seasons. Apart from these there is another breed of programmes, missing which for a TV buff is definitely a crime!!!

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad became a world-wide obsession, people tuning in from all over the world to catch an episode of the hit TV series, which shows the two year transformation of squeaky clean chemistry teacher Walter White into the bad-ass, meth magician Heisenburg as he struggles to deal with lung cancer. He teams up with an unlikely match, Jesse Pinkman, who’s an ex pupil and also a bit of a drug addict.  We see the twists and turns of the series take us on an emotional roller coaster as we watch the story unfold over 62 gripping episodes. Figures estimate that 10.5 million people tuned in for the final episode, merely highlighting the popularity of the show.  The series, which first aired in America in 2008, has won ten Primetime Emmy awards and has been nominated for an impressive seven Golden Globe Awards- winning Best Television Series. Bryan Cranston who plays Walter White has had three consecutive wins for Outstanding Lead Actor and Aaron Paul (who plays loveable rogue Pinkman in the hit show) has received two wins for Outstanding Supporting Actor. With the series winning and being nominated for several more awards it’s hard not to be intrigued by the show. For those of you who haven’t yet found yourself addicted to the show that stole everyone’s lives (mine included!) it can be found on Netflix and I strongly recommend that you watch it… beware once you’ve seen the first episode you’ll be hooked!


Suits is a legal drama starring Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross, a genius college dropout who, running from a drug deal gone bad, manages to land a job as an associate for the best lawyer in the city, Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht.  Michael’s uncanny Eidetic memory, charm and quick thinking enables him to convince Harvey’s colleagues that he is a fully qualified lawyer, a secret that sometimes comes close to being exposed. The pilot episode kick starts this series with an excellent and extremely eye pleasing cast who all portray their character solidly, leaving no doubt in the audience’s mind about their strong plot driving personality traits, and leaves enough mystery for multiple story lines to emerge.


The mother of all sci-fi shows, when JJ Abrahams created the show then little did he know that this was going to be the stepping stone for beginning of a new genre for future productions. The acting , story and the philosophical angles are few  most sought after things about the show. There is also an Indian connection to this epic show, the main organisation that was in the crux of all the hullabaloo was called Dharma initiative . Because of the mythology of Lost — things like the Smoke Monster, and The Hatch — it’s often hard to follow, even if you’ve been watching from the start. Besides, the ending that everyone complained about will be that much more powerful if you know about everything that came before.

One Tree Hill

Genre: Drama | Sport

On the surface this TV series is about Basketball. And If you think that it’s all about Basketball, you’d be wrong. Sure, there is a strong Basketball theme that runs through it from the first season to the last but under the surface, it’s not about Basketball at all. It’s about friendship, love, ambition, dreams, family, hope. In fact, this is a series about life. A group of young teenagers growing up in a little town called Tree Hill in North Carolina. It’s about the highs and the lows. It’s about how you can relate almost every aspect of it to your own life –  Friends, family, love, death, illness, music, sport. If you have experienced any of these so far in your life, you’ll be able to relate to this TV series. If by some strange notion, you haven’t experienced these, it’s okay because one of the under lying themes of this series is: Growing up. We’ve all experienced that. In this series you’ll be able to laugh, cry, smile, frown, be shocked, be angry, be…well just about every emotion. You’ll value friendships and family more, this is the greatest TV series i’ve ever seen. But don’t just take my word for it …


Genre: Action | Crime | Drama

Jack Bauer is an Agent with CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit). Each episode follows an hour in real time, in which Bauer has to in some way or another save the USA. He must stop deadly viruses, bombs, assassination attempts and will stop at nothing to make sure the people he loves and the nation he loves are safe.

Is there someone working inside the Government who continues to save a nation from Terrorism and who foils plots against a nation? Who knows. This series will make you think there just might be someone like that and if there isn’t it will make you think there should be one. Jack Bauer is brave and clever. His character may not make you want to be that special agent risking his life to save the world but it might just make you want to be braver or want to help more people. As the seasons roll on and some conspiracies are unfurled, it really does make you think if what happens in the series could possibly happen in real life and we don’t even know about it.

Prison Break

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama

Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is accused of murdering the Vice Presidents brother and has been sentenced to death. Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), Lincoln’s younger brother, makes it his mission not to let that happen and deliberately gets sent to the same prison in order to break his brother out. As the episodes move on, it becomes clear it was no mistake that an innocent man was sent to the chair and there are higher forces behind this conspiracy.

In this series, it would be real hard to relate to. Brother saves brother from death by getting sent to the same prison and breaking him out? I doubt that’s happened to anyone reading this (If it has, write a hub about it please). Instead, this series draws on the emotions of love and faith. Why does Michael break his brother out of Prison? He loves him and believes in himself and his brother. Why will this change the way you think? Wouldn’t everyone like to show that sort of love or be shown that sort of love? Risking everything you have for another person, would you do it?


This one is completely different and shows the protagonist in a bloody new light (I mean literally blood-y!!!). Dexter has had an enormous journey not just as a serial killer, but as a man struggling to find out if he can keep his life together while under the strain of this huge secret. (Hint: The secret is he kills people.) It’s definitely worth watching from the start to see his descent and eventual — I hope — redemption. The acting of the cast is flawless and the dialogues will leave you floored. Does anybody remember the coversations about the dark passanger?

Game of thrones

How to put it but this show takes me to the world of LOTR and some quirky, deep skinned dark themed evil plotters and avengeful lineages. You must watch it to believe it. The cinematography and the scenerios are so well orchestrated that for once you would be lost in tha tale about feud between several families for a common ambition – the iron throne of the kings landing.

Season 1 essentially sets up the cutting catalyst for why a group of four families — The Starks, Baratheons, Lannisters, and Targaryens — go to war. (Get it? Cutting catalyst? Because of Ned and his… Oh, never mind.) Even if you’re a big fan of the book series, you need to watch Game of Thrones. That’s because the show doesn’t stick to the book at all times, it veers in very upsetting and unexpected directions. So, if for nothing else, you should watch these so you can bitterly lament how the writers have butchered George R. R. Martin’s work.

The sopranos

Being a mob boss isn’t easy, and no one proves that more than James Gandolfini and his award-winning performance as Tony Soprano. From the beginning, you watch as Tony builds enemies, alienates his family, and tries to deal with the stress of handling the mafia through intense therapy sessions. That all builds up to one of the most talked about series finales of all times. It’s one of Gandolfini’s most iconic roles, and one that he will forever be remembered for.

How I met your mother

I finished friends and suddenly there was a void in my life for which I turned to this show and guess what it completely made me forget friends! Well written sitcoms don’t come along too often, especially ones with as great of a story as HIMYM. This delivers in every way, especially in terms of comedy. Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious, as well as the rest of the cast. Besides the great writing, there’s one thing that’ll keep you watching, and that’s, mystery. Who’s the mother? Guess you’ll have to watch and find out.

Battlestar Galactica

I was never really into the whole “Spaceship” theme, when it came to TV shows, until Battlestar came along. This series was just epic, felt like one long movie, and you never knew what was going to happen. At one point I suspected everyone of being a cylon, it was intense. There were just so many twists and turns in this series, very enjoyable. Plus, it had a true conclusion, wrapped up nicely. All that matters is, if the idea of robots in human form Intrigues you, take a gander at this solid series. The series finale would leave you with many questions about your own existance of course in a fantasizing way! The characters are well crafted and there are a lot of twists and mythologies involved. This is a very philosophical show that explores the possibilities of life on a blue planet called – EARTH… 

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Last modified: July 1, 2014