List of Must See / Visit Places in Bhopal

Relive your life again and add a little spice to it with exciting Bhopal.  Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is slowly gaining popularity among tourists for its scenic beauty, greenery, and natural as well as manmade lakes. It holds an important position in the Madhya Pradesh tourism map for its historical monuments that are mix of Hindu and Islamic architecture and shows an equal mixture of traditional old fashioned markets and modern urban planning. Bhopal has many tourist places to visit, there are very nice sightseeing and attractions in Bhopal which are must see. Details on Bhopal city and tourist places can be gathered from this article.

Sanchi Stupa India’s oldest stone structure, commissioned into existence by Emperor Ashoka and built over the remains of Buddha in a glorious endeavor to honour them, Sanchi Stupa is a magnificent exemplar of not just Buddhist and Mauryan art and architecture, but also of faith and reverence.
It is now considered as a pilgrimage town due to the monasteries that are present here. Along with the historical buildings, don’t forget to visit the archaeological museum. It showcases the renowned image of four lions that once sat atop the Ashoka Pillar. 
Taj-ul-Masjid One of the biggest mosques in the country, Taj-ul-masjid is known for its spectacular architecture. The mosque features a pink facade, on top of which stand the two 18-storeyed octagonal minarets. These minarets each have a huge bulbous dome, below which lies a main hallway with beautiful pillars and marble flooring. It’s a beautiful experience.
Bhimbetka caves and rock shelters A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bhimbetka caves and shelters offer a rare opportunity to go back to the roots of mankind through their well preserved paintings. The style of the paintings of separate periods is so different that you can easily differentiate between them. The paintings over the years have stayed unharmed by nature due to the reaction between the chemicals present in rocks and the color. Even animal fat and plant leaves were used in the mixture. These caves have now become one of the most popular attractions in Bhopal. 
Van Vihar National Park An oasis of greenery, the Van Vihar National Park is known for its varied flora and fauna, a real treat for nature enthusiasts. The wilderness of the park also makes an ideal place for avian fauna, which comprises over 200 species of birds migrating to the park during the winter season. This national park is also the abode of variety of butterflies and insects. This park is a good place for photography.
Lower Lake A beautiful remnant of the great Mughal Empire, the Lower Lake offers exciting activities for water enthusiasts. Locally known as Chota Talaab, it is separated from the Upper Lake by an over-bridge. The aesthetic appeal of the lake is enhanced by the the magnificent Kamala garden. The MP Tourism Boat Club offers exciting trips with paddle boats, sail and motor boats over the Lower Lake for adventure lovers.
Jama Masjid Another contribution, this time a gift of Qudsia Begum, is the imposing Jama Masjid. It is situated in the heart of the old city, a beautiful work of art crowned by gold spikes atop minarets. Jama Masjid had undergone an extensive renovation after 1947, when a small pond was added to it. Holding great importance as a holy place, this mosque is frequented by tourists on a large scale.
Gohar Mahal A splendid mansion of great historical importance, Gohar Mahal is a fine example of the amalgamation of splendid Hindu and exquisite Mughal architecture. One of the beautiful palaces in Bhopal, it was built by the first woman ruler of Bhopal, Gohar Begum.
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya The only place in the world to exhibit tribal habitat on vast scale, this place exhibits contemporary tribal cultures and actual-size dwellings of typical tribal villages of Indian states.
Bharat Bhavan A multi-art complex, Bharat Bhavan is a one of its kind institution for performing and visual arts.
A must-visit for art enthusiast, this place is a thriving center of contemporary arts, having its accolades countrywide. 

So, plan your visit to all of the above places, don’t miss any of them.



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Last modified: May 31, 2014