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Live – Railway Budget 2014 Updates News & Highlights

01:19 PM
New trains in Rail Budget: 5 Jansadharan, 5 Premium, 6 AC, 27 express trains, 8 passenger, 5 DEMU & 2 MEMU services; 11 train extensions.
01:17 PM
Lok Sabha adjourned till 2pm after uproar over Rail Budget.
01:17 PM
Uproar in Parliament as railway minister Sadananda Gowda ends his budget speech.

01:08 PM

5 Jan Sadharan trains to be introduced
01:06 PM
Office-on-wheels: Internet and workstation facilities on select trains.
01:05 PM
Ready-to-eat meals to be introduced in phased manners

01:05 PM

Paperless office of Indian railways in 5 years. Digital reservation charts at stations
01:04 PM
Gowda proposes setting up of Railway University for technical and non-technical subjects, tie-up with technical institutions.
01:04 PM
18 surveys to be undertaken for new lines: Gowda

01:02 PM

We plan to attract investment from domestic and foreign players in infrastructure; focus to be on aggressive indigenisation: Gowda
01:00 PM
Temperature-controlled storage for fruits and vegetable: Gowda
01:00 PM
Special milk tanker trains to be introduced.

12:59 PM

Hospital Management Information System to integrate all railway health units and hospitals

12:58 PM

New 23 projects under way in northeast

12:55 PM

Gowda announces decision to launch diamond quadrilateral of high speed trains.

12:53 PM

Outsourcing at 50 major stations; on board housekeeping to be extended to more trains; launching feedback service through IVRS on the quality, railway minister says
12:52 PM
Will develop 10 metro stations with state-of-the-art facilities: Gowda
12:52 PM
Bulk of future projects will be financed through PPP mode, Gowda says

12:48 PM

Bullet trains on Mumbai-Ahmedabad route: Gowda
12:48 PM
Wi-Fi services to be introduced at all A-class stations: Gowda

12:47 PM

Efforts will be made to increase speed of trains to 160-200km/h on select sectors: Gowda
12:46 PM
Require Rs 5 lakh crore to complete ongoing projects: Gowda

12:44 PM

Improve e-ticketing to 7200 tickets/minute; 1,20,000 user can log in simultaneously: Gowda
12:43 PM
Capacity for ticket bookings through e-booking to be enhanced: Gowda
12:42 PM
Special train to promote life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda: Railway minister
12:40 PM
Special trains for pilgrims circuits, Gowda says
12:40 PM
4,000 women constables to be recruited to ensure safety of women: Gowda
12:40 PM
17,000 RPF constables to provide safety to passengers: Railway minister

12:38 PM

The recent fare and tariff hike to mop additional revenue of about Rs 8000 crore: Ministry of railways
12:37 PM
Online booking of railway waiting rooms: Gowda
12:36 PM
RO drinking water facilities to be installed at stations, Gowda says.
12:36 PM
CCTVs to monitor cleanliness of stations, Gowda says
12:35 PM
Food courts to be set up at stations: Gowda
12:35 PM
Ready-to-eat meals to be introduced in phased manners, railway minister says
12:34 PM
Railways to build FOB and escalators, toilets on all stations: Gowda
12:34 PM
Extending passenger-friendly services is our main motive: Gowda
12:34 PM
Aim to become the largest freight carrier of the world: Gowda
12:31 PM
Will start work on high-speed networks, railway minister says
12:29 PM
Railways should not depend on fare hike alone, Gowda says
12:28 PM
Surplus revenues declining. Hardly any resources for development works. Rs 5 lakh crore required for ongoing projects alone, railway minister says.
12:25 PM
Indian Railways spent Rs 41,000 crore on laying of 3,700 km of new lines in last 10 years, railway minister
12:24 PM
Bulk of future projects will be financed through PPP mode, Gowda says
12:24 PM
We are seeking Cabinet approval for FDI in railways, Gowda says
12:23 PM
Railway minister speaks of “bitter medicine”.
12:22 PM
Sadananda Gowda presents Rail Budget 2014
12:21 PM
Railways needs immediate course correction, Gowda says
12:20 PM
There should be focus on project completion rather than project announcements, railway minister says
12:19 PM
4 projects which are going on for over 30 years, Gowda says
12:18 PM
We need to balance social and commercial obligations: Gowda
12:17 PM
Railways suffered 23 paise loss per passenger in 2013: Gowda
12:14 PM
Our target is to become the largest freight carrier in the world: Gowda
12:13 PM
Indian railways moves about entire population of Australia on a daily basis: Gowda
12:11 PM
I am new to the office but flooded with requests for new trains: Sadananda Gowda
12:11 PM
Railways is a microcosm of India on the move: Sadananda Gowda
12:09 PM
Sadananda Gowda starts presentation of Railway Budget 2014
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Last modified: July 8, 2014