Mcd vs. KFC

McD and KFC, both brands cherished by the eaters have been battling for “best fast food chain brand” since ages. It would not be something new if we say;

McDs, long back took over the fast food market by introducing their low rates mouth melting delicious burgers. Their innovative menu, fresh tastes, Indian effect and reasonable rates definitely won over their dear customers. Speaking of customers, the best feature of this restaurant chain is how they began hitting a loophole in peoples’ tastes by focusing on the combination of low prices & excellent quality burgers.

KFC on the other hand has a unique USP which is the refreshing crispy fried chicken and that’s how they got popularity. They set up a brand and created their own individual market as non-vegetarians were their target market. Slowly and gradually, they strategized better and still moving forward.


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Basis of differentiation



Advertising Quote “I’m lovin it” “it’s finger likin’ good”
Strategy Mcds has always been focusing on two most important qualities they possess i.e. quality of food and affordable prices. Now, they have regularly been updating their menu with new innovative products. Launched with mcaloo tikki burger continuing to surprise burger lovers. Mcds also is appreciated by customers for their special breakfast menu with is available only till 11 a.m. As it is stated breakfast is the most important mean of the say McD makes sure of this fact. Perfect for fast food lovers not wanting to eat at home. KFC as we all know initiated this “transformational” food item known to all bones fried chicken for non-vegetarian lovers; this was a blessing on to their stomach. They gained popularity through “krushers” mainly thick shake with creamy mixture of flavors. Eventually KFC managed to grab some vegetarians too with their new zinger burger , fries etc.
Nutrition- In this era of health conscious and fitness people let’s see how much nutrition we’re consuming
  • Ø Calories- 250
  • Ø Total Fat- 9 g
  • Ø Cholesterol- 25 mg
  • Ø Carbohydrate- 31 mg
  • Ø Protein- 12 mg
  • Ø Sodium- 520 mg
  • Ø Calories- 370
  • Ø Total fat- 19 g
  • Ø Cholesterol-145 mg
  • Ø Carbohydrate- 11 g
  • Ø Protein- 40 g
  • Ø Sodium- 1,145 mg
Satisfaction Mcds is fastest filling burgers, for that time being customer will be satisfied after consuming but just for less amount of time. KFC has it’s almost items in chicken which automatically depicts how filling that is supposed to be and works for longer time.
Total food chains There are about 33,000 McDonald’s in the world at present. They are located in 119 countries. Approx 1.7 million people are employed at these restaurants.  
Recent introductions in menu Mcds has introduced its chicken and paneer royal burgers and advertising massively. KFC has launched its new items with rigorous advertisements saying “name not so good but taste so good”
Home Delivery Mcds delivery as compared to KFC is better and available to more number of areas. KFC still has to work upon its market of home delivery.


Both of these brands have been immensely growing on peoples’ nerves and customers are getting addicted to their food items. Vegetarians still tend to prefer MCDs over KFC. Both of them have mounting opportunies.

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Last modified: May 28, 2014