Most Unique Spots for Breakfast In Bangalore

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Every health expert will ask you to have a healthy breakfast for starting your day and to be very clear, who doesn’t love a great breakfast. Now we will tell you some unique spots in B’lore where you can sit and have a refreshing breakfast.

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  1. Hard Rock Cafe:

Yes. Hard Rock Cafe. HRC is the last place in the city where you will expect a breakfast. If you are still not done with your hangover, then come back to HRC and order some protein-loaded Egg Zeppelin Sandwich or the Loaded French Toast. And to your surprise, HRC can also offer you some wonderful South Indian breakfast with Uttapams & Dosas. Breakfast timings at HRC are 8:30am to 11am and a delightful breakfast for two will cost you around 750 bucks.


  1. 154 Breakfast Club:

A superb eatery in Koramangala where you can get some relishing European breakfast is none other than 154 Breakfast Club. They can offer you some wonderful choices such as  The Big Breakfast which is complete package. Barbeque Chicken and Cheese Omelette is also a good choice to give you a head start for the day. A healthy breakfast for two here will cost you around 500 bucks here.


  1. BYLI- Bet You Love It:

If you are fond of Continental breakfast, then we bet you will love BYLI. Located in the northern part of Bangalore city, this is a p0lace to visit as it will feed you with some delightful meals like Pancakes with Maple Syrup, M&S Scramble and some other whole meal breakfasts that are uniquely named as Breakfast Croissant and BYLI French Toast. Slightly an expensive one, a breakfast here for two will cost you around 1000 bucks.


  1. Hole in the Wall Cafe:

Looks like all the brilliant breakfast joints are in Koramangala only. No matter whether it is a weekday or weekend, you will see long queues outside this cafe. If you like meaty breakfasts, then Hole in the Wall cafe is a place that you should visit every time you think of a breakfast.  They have some amazing dishes that are their best-sellers like the Goan Sausage Fest which is a superhit among the customers. If you are a vegetarain, don’t be disappointed as they have Eggless Masala Scramble and Stuff on Toast for you. A delicious morning here will cost you Rs 650.


  1. Rasta Cafe:

Located on Mysore Road, this cafe is one of the best after-party spots that you will ever come across in this city. A wholesome breakfast is the very first thing that you ask for after an irritating hangover & Rasta’s will serve you the very same. You can have American Breakfast or their special Rasta Breakfast & their Honey Ginger Coffee is the best remedy for your hangover. A breakfast for two here will cost you around Rs 1000.

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