Must visit Buddhism Monasteries in India- To Lead life with Greatness!

Feeling spiritual? Or too stressed out? Need to meditate and bring out your inner peace? All of this and a lot more is offered in Buddhism Monasteries, a human in his lifetime must at least once pay a visit to monasteries or even one monastery for that matter to attain salvation, to live in peace, to sunk deep into your soul and touch greatness, to lead life in peace rather than vain. Whether its work stress, family stress, personal tensions or anything else, visit a monastery, list to the silence and get in touch with spirituality. Monasteries are not only made for people who want to follow Buddhism, rather it’s for anyone and everyone to see, meditation is the most importantly taught there which help a person in any chapter of life.

There are several famous monasteries in India but there are a few monasteries which are considered to be a must to see because of the ancient histories, teachings, cultures, paths to follow, mottos of life being re-established and converting your negativity into positivity as Karma is what Buddha believed in and Karma is the most vital piece of Buddhist teachings.

Here we go with the list of 5 most beautiful and fulfilling monasteries all over India:

Thiksey Monastery, Ladakh: The most significant Buddhist Monastery is made in Ladakh which is tallest Buddha Statue. Ladakh is considered to be a home for Buddha as Buddha came here in the 3rd century B.C. This monastery is situated at3600 meters altitude on top of a rock hill in Leh, outside of Ladakh but nearby. If, what you dream of is to get lost in art, architechture, vast culture, amazingly surprising teachings, a room with red robbed monks, with Tibetan culture coming out from walls, floors, the whole monastery is magical.


How to get there:

  • By air: direct flight till Leh, then a taxi or bus ride.
  • Manali-leh route is open to enjoy the sweet subtleness of ladakh.


Hemis Monastery: Hemis Monastery depicts a perfect Tibetan culture in this richest and largest Monastery among many. It is situated about 47kms from Leh on the Indus.  Must visit this monastery surrounded with mountains and greenery, such scenic beauty is found only in dreams so missing this monastery would be a shame not to be discussed. Here, early prayer can touch your souls.

Note: every year according to Tibetan calendar in the 5th month. On 9th and 10th days, the sacred mask dance is performed, which is like a festival being celebrated for the Tibet.


How to get there:

  • 45 kms from Leh which will take a bus ride or a taxi ride from Leh.
  • Manali Leh route is also advised. 

Tsuglagkhang Monastery, Dharamshala:  This is wonderfully constructed monastery which offers various festivals for visitors and people of the area in for them to join. “A home away from home” is the perfect phrase for this Monastery as the magnificently made art and incorporated Buddhism Culture is just amazingly grand. Teachings, prayers, meditation everything goes on daily basis in this monastery.


How to get there: 

  • Take a train or bus to Dharamshala and from there mcleodganj is 10 kms where monastery is located. Take a bus or taxi.


Phuktal Monastery, Zanskar: This monastery is situated in Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir. Miraculously constructed monastery with such a design to allure people into its cave like structure when seen from far. Isolation with peace is the suited words for Phuktal Monastery in India. Far away from, monks here, and people living here have structured another world for them.


How to get there:

  • By air: fly to Srinagar from where Padum is 431 kms or to Leh from where Padum is 487 kms
  • By train: Nearest railway station is  jammu from where padum is 735 kms.
  • By road: take a bus from either Jammu, Srinagar, or Leh, Kargil come on the way and you reach Padum.
  • From Padum, take a bus towards Raru
  • Here is when the trekking stars, 1 or 2 days trek leading you all the way to Phuktal Monastery worth the troubles.


Spiti Monasteries: Spiti is located on northern part of Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayas. There are 5 monasteries to be must inspired by Tibetal Monasteries and Tibetan Culture with Buddhism teachings and learnings.

  • Ki Monastery
  • Komic Monastery
  • Dhankar Monastery
  • Kungri Monastery
  • Tabo Monastery

How to get there:

  • By air: Nearest airport is Manali from where bus or taxi can be taken
  • By train: Shimla and Chndigarh are nearest good railway stations from where buses or taxis can be taken
  • By bus: bus from manali towards Spiti which is a 6 hours journey about 115 kms from Spiti
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Last modified: June 5, 2014