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Pasta Xpress, Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi

Pasta Xpress

Phone: 011 33036536

Address: G 36, Manish Market, Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi

I take great pride and happiness in letting you know that Dwarka now has a very authentic destination for people who loves Italian offerings and related fast food. Pasta Xpress is the only dedicated food franchise for pasta, giving something exclusive and new to all pasta lovers. Their pasta is one of the best that I ever had. The staff is quite cheerful and this makes the food, taste even better. Another important point is the price. I trust their price is quite economic, considering the amount they serve (and of course quality of what they serve). I will not think twice, if I have to recommend Pasta Xpress to someone. It is indeed a great place to be. You will love the food, the behavior of the staff and everything related. I am just too impressed by their hospitality quotient. The menu is very reasonably priced. One can have decent Italian food within 200-250 bucks for two rather than shelling out 1k on inferior versions somewhere else. Try the garlic bread without cheese.


Items Price
Veg lovers 40
Bamboori 80
Palak pasta 80
Sphagetti 90
Cottage cheese pasta 95
Primavera 100
Veggi delight 100
Veg extravenga 110
Royal paradise 145
Golden delight 49
Egg pasta 90
Sea side 95
Penne al forno 100
Sphagetti bolognaise 110
Creamolatta 110
BBQ pasta 110
Gamboroni 115
Lamb pasta 120
Meat lover’s 150
Non-veg extravengaa 145
Appetizers Price
Garlic bread 40
Garlic bread with cheese 60
French fries 40
Salads Price
Garden fresh salad 50
Chicken ceaser salad 65
Burgers Price
Potato burger 35
Veggie burger 45
Paneer burger 60
Chicken burger 60
Spicy chicken 70
Double decker 100
Extra cheese 15


Why Pasta Xpress?

  • Quick delivery by experts
  • High hygiene standards
  • Awesome food quality
  • Best quality of organic foods used
  • Managed by veterans of the industry
  • Pioneers of this concept in India – A Pasta Delivery Chain



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Last modified: January 21, 2015