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Connaught place A.k.a  CP. Is is situated in the heart of the capital city of India, Delhi. CP is one of the oldest and well known  shopping destination in Delhi as it is here before the time of big and famous malls in delhi as it has all the biggest brands and as well  street hawkers shops same is the case with food available in delhi cp market has all the big food outlets and as well as small food outlets, which are also called dhabbs in Delhi. Cp do caters the needs of each and every people needs and choice.

Cp as situated in the center of delhi which means all people can access to the hip and happening market of Connaught Place. Here is the list of Restaurants in cp. share with us which one is your favorite and why you like it.


It is one and only revolving restaurant in delhi. It is at the height of 240 feet and it completes a full 360 round in 90 minutes,so when you dine in this restaurant the outer view would be different from when you first sit in then the view when you will move out. As it is situated in the heart of delhi so you can see some important monuments like jama masjid, river yamuna,red fort, India gate and many more. It is known for North Indian and Chinese cuisine.


Q’BA is multi-cuisine fine dining restaurant with spanning in a area of 14,000 square feet. It has two floors along with open air teerace to dine in. It is well known for its European, North Indian, Chinese, Italian cuisine, Lebanese and continental. It can cost you around rs 2500 for two people with alcohol.

Aqua- The Park

Aqua is a dine, lounge and drink at one place in the Hotel The park. The restaurant is near pool site which gives you relaxed, soothing outlook it also serve fine Mediterranean, Lebanese, Continental, Fast Food and it can costs around rs 200o for two people in drinks.


Ardor is a restaurant with old English charm and excellent Mughlai, Continental, Italian, Asian, Chinese and thai food. It has also an very good lounge to relax around. It can cost rs 2200 for meal for two people including drinks.

The Great Kebab Factory

It is situated at Radisson Blu Marina hotel. The restaurant is known for its kebabs. The kebab is a famous Lucknowi dish made up of mutton and chicken. The Kebabs are cherish by every one and The Great Kebab Factory are the best in the business in making Kebabs. At TGKF it can cost rs 2200 for a meal for two people without drinks.

Andhra Bhavan

It is place in delhi where you can have good hyderabadi food which is good and as well it is cheap it only cost rs 200 for a meal of two people without drinks in it.

Saravna Bhavan

It is vegetarian restaurant serving excellent south Indian cuisine. The chain has 38 restaurant in India. It costs around rs 200 for meal for one people . Alcohol is not served in Saravna Bhavan.


Veda Restaurant is situated at the outer circle of Cp in H block. This fine dining restaurant serves North Indian and Muglai cuisine and it can cost you around rs 1500 for meal of two people without serving alcohol.

Woks Restaurant

Woks restaurant is in Hotel Lalit and it serves very good chinese cuisine. The restaurant is at rooftoop of Hotel Lalit. It can cost you around rs 200 for meal for two people without alcohol.


Jasmine restaurant is at Rayal Plaza Hotel at Ashoka Road, Cp. It serves Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. Dining at this luxury restaurant can cost you rs 4000 for meal of two people.

Pind Balluchi

Pind Balluchi is at regal building near regal movie theater in cp. Pind Balluchi is famous for its Panjabi cuisine. It is known for its tandoori food items and can cost you around rs 800 for meal of two people.

Indian Coffee House

It is a 56 year old restaurant situated at second floor of Mohan singh Palace building. ICH is known for its continental food along with alcohol.It can cost you around rs  1000 for a meal of two people without alcohol.

The market of Cp is also full of local restaurant serving cheap and very good food like restaurants like Kakke Da Hotel, Bhape Da Hotel, Delhi Darbar, Madras coffee house and many more are present there.

People who loves eating fast food they will not be disappoint if they come here because Cp is full of them joints like Narulas, Haldiram, KFC, Dominos  Pizza Hut, Subway, MacDonald and many more.


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