Restaurants in Kerela

Kerala is the most admired tourist destination of India from all over the world. Kerala cuisine is one of the most flavored cuisines of the south. The sumptuous food of Kerala won’t let you go till licking your finger. The food is prepared in the coconut oil. The spicy tea and coffee of Kerala is really to be enjoyed. There are so many restaurants in Kerela so that people can enjoy typical food and dishes.



Dal Roti

It provides the best food in Fort Cochin serving North Indian menu, delicious range of vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. The whitewashed walls and bench seating, helping you focus on the yummy dishes here.


This stylish haunt is the perfect venue for ‘high tea’, with quality teas, sandwiches and full meals served in chic-minimalist, airy rooms. The death by chocolate here is truly cocoa homicide.

Kashi Art Cafe

An institution in Fort Cochin, this place has a hip-but-casual vibe, along with hip-but-casual service. The coffee is as strong as it should be and the daily Western breakfast and lunch specials are excellent. A small gallery shows off local artists.


This is an absurdly popular joint that has scrumptious Indian bites, with some Arabic flavours mixed in, to boot. It does succulent roast spit-chicken , scrumptious shawarma  and brain-freezing cold ice-cream shakes.

Solar Cafe

This arty and funky cafe at Dravidia Gallery serves up organic breakfasts and lunches in a brightly colored and friendly setting. There’s a fun open kitchen and the upstairs veranda seating overlooks the hubbub of the street below.

Oottupura Vegetarian Restaurant

 Oottupura Vegetarian Restaurant has a respectable range of yummy dishes, including breakfast puttu (flour with milk, bananas and honey) and lots of lunch and dinner options.

Salt ‘n’ Pepper

This is one of the best restaurants in Kerela, offers superbly average food, but the streetside tables bustle nightly with punters having a special-teapot tipple.

Frys Village Restaurant

This cavernous family restaurant is one of the best places in town for authentic Keralan food, especially for seafood like pollichathu (fish in banana leaves) or crab roast.

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