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Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

We all want to look the best in every look and sphere of our life. Especially girls, have a host of problems with their skin, life and studies. Girls take a lot of tension of the smallest of issues and what suffers is their skin. We all should be happy as a happy face always looks beautiful. But, some stress regarding being beautiful include the pains of hair removal and waxing. We all have the pressures of removing tanning and getting fairer in this horrifying weather.

I have a friend of mine, Harshita, who ended up having a lot of hair on her chin, due to some of her stupidities. You know this teenage brings a lot of attractions with it. In the spree of trying new things, we end up doing things that cause harm to our skin in the future. Now, she had no option but to go for Laser Hair Removal, as it would be difficult for her to go to the parlour every second day to get her hair removed using threads and wax. But, she was obviously sceptic of the fact of trying something that could have a large number of side effects. But, she never knew what would happen if she actually went for the treatment. So, I asked a Family Doctor of mine, whose daughter was a Dermatologist, to guide her and counsel her. So, she explained to her about the side-effects of going for this treatment. She has a sensitive skin, so the reactions could differ.

Here are the Most Common side-effects that are usually experienced by most of the people going for such treatments. These treatments can have differing effects on different skin types.

Pain and Itching: The treatment involves using very high and energetic laser rays, which is not generally suitable for a normal skin type. So, they will cause a lot of pain and itching on the part from where the hair has been removed. But, this will go off in a few days. Doctors also give some ointments and creams; to sooth this pain and the unpleasant feeling of itching.

Skin Burning: The rays produce a lot of heat to burn the hair. This hair when combines with your own body heat, can lead to that point getting burnt. These burns can be healed, but they take a lot of time, and can leave visible burn marks on that part of the body.

Hyper-Pigmentation and Hypo-Pigmentation: Hyper-pigmentation is darkening of the skin that may occur after the treatment. The laser treatment stimulates melanin production creating a reaction similar to suntan. Hypo-pigmentation, on the other hand, refers to the lightening of skin that occurs after treatment. The absorption of laser light can inhibit the melanin production, leading to a loss of certain pigments from the skin.

Eye Injuries: The harmful rays can cause side-effects to your eyes as well. Eyes are the most sensitive of your face. So, if you go for Facial Hair Removal, it is essential to fully cover your eyes before the treatment starts. If you do not do so, your cornea can shrink and this can even lead to blindness for some days.

Swelling and Skin Redness: Even after waxing, you experience your skin getting red. Waxing is a temporary thing, but Laser is something permanent. So, it is bound to have such effects. This swelling will reduce within 2-3 days, given that you apply the moisturisers and lotions that are prescribed by the doctor.

Change of Skin Colour: The colour of your skin can change to a bit of purplish on the areas that were originally tanned to a great extent. It actually involves changing the natural processes occurring in your skin, so the effects can be fatalistic. This can mean the colour changing to purple, as the skin gets harmed from its roots.

Infections: It is important to keep the area clean after the procedure, so that you don’t end up getting an infection after the treatment. These rays make your skin weak and more vulnerable to the harmful environmental bacteria, which can cause infections. These infections are not easy to get healed, so try and escape from them. These bacteria actually feed on your skin.

Crusting and Scab Formation: After this treatment, you could experience some scars, bruises or the formation of extra layers on your skin. Such things just need to be cleansed with a cleanser recommended by your doctor. These are actually the germ particles, which are actually brought out during the process of Hair Removal.

Blisters and Acne: Such treatments are very harmful to the hormones of the skin. They can produce a lot of oils and suck out some of the essential components from your skin. This leads to the formation pof Acne and Blisters on your skin. They take around 2-3 weeks to get healed. These acne and blisters can protrude out from any part of your body, depending upon the amount of effect of the laser rays on your body.

Changes in Skin Texture: A change in your Skin Texture is one of the rare side-effects of Laser Hair Removal Treatment. This can happen because heat can cause your skin cells to shrink, thereby changing the actual texture of your skin. Your skin can also get wrinkled sometimes. These effects can also be healed, but they require another series of prolonged and painful treatments. So, it is better to not experience them, though you actually do not have much control over it.

All these treatments have been experienced by some of the people who have gone for the treatment. The most important thing is to go for such treatments only from a Professional Dermatologist and not these new Beauty Institutions and parlours. This has the added advantage of getting treated for any kind of side-effect immediately.

My friend is actually trying to re-think about her plan after listening to all these effects from the Horse’s Mouth, as she has seen patients experiencing these. But, risk is an ongoing element of life. Even the doctor told her, that most of these effects are easily curable. So, she can go for the treatment. She seems a bit relaxed after listening this. I hope this helps you as well, to take the right decision for your skin. Don’t play with your skin. It is the epitome of your beauty.

Warning: Do get your skin fully analysed, before going for the treatment. This helps the doctor to provide you with immediate treatment, in case; you experience any side-effects during the process of treatment.

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Last modified: July 1, 2014