Sonam Kapoor Style Statement

Sonam Kapoor is styligh diva who does not follow a fashion statement but makes her own for people to follow her. There was one day when she was overweight and couldn’t show her true self but before she entered Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor already groomed herself in order to make an impactful entry with an aim to never leave Bollywood. Eventually working in the industry and coming close to gamourous world, something within Sonam Kapoor triggered which made her try new clothes, experience unique outfits and create her own style statement which is still being loves by all the girls out there who want to be as glamorous and styligh as Sonam Kapoor.

From accessories to clutches, from party dresses to gowns and from red carpet to fild promotions Sonam Kapoor has proved herself to be completely transformed to a fashinista of Indian Cinema. Of all, she carries herself in a way no other actress can, I guess her transformation gives her all that confidence and encouragement to be a style guru for millions of other girls who consider Sonam Kapoor as an idol and Style guide.

In the movie “Aisha” which could not do very well with people but showed a different and real side of Sonam Kapoor prsenting her as a fashion lover. From parties to casual lunch, from awards functions to film promotion parties, Sonam never steps out without her well though outfit and accessories. Her accessories collection is amazingly matched the kind of outfit she’s wearing.

The very favorite smokey eyes part of make-up of Sonam Kapoor is seen almost everytime incoporated in her. She probably loves smokey eyes and you can wear eye make up and create smokey eyes to make you stand out like Sonam Kapoor.

This is not the only thing she likes, but according to this diva, comfort is most important when it comes to what you are wearing. She says comfort-ability matters and also what you’re wearing, does it even suit you, wear what looks good on you and you can carry off that quite well.

Sonam Kapoor’s hairdos are a part of her identity which make her stand out among the rest of them. Her hair is always maid with keeping in mind her outfits and make-up, seems like Sonam Kapoor never goes through a bad hair day.

Also her make-up is extraordinarily perfect, sometimes she goes with vibrant dark reds, pinks and sometimes subtle pink and brown for her lipstick shades.

But Sonam Kapoor never back out from experimenting and surprising the audience and herself in sure sometimes.

Sonam Kapoor is and will always be in peoples’ minds when they think of style and fashion filled with class.


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Last modified: July 2, 2014