Spain or Brazil: Who will win FIFA 2014 World Cup?

FIFA fever is on! And we’re all set to cheer for our favorite teams whether it’s Spain, Argentina, Germany, Brazil or others.

Both what have people been saying, Spain or Brazil? Spain: The 2010 FIFA world Cup champions or Brazil: All time performers with most winnings of world cup FIFA.

Who will win FIFA 2014 World Cup?

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Both of these teams have shown great team spirit and performance in soccer.

The most talked about team is Brazil which makes it even more exciting when this year Brazil is the host country! Saude! Brazil! Even most Bollywood starts have their eyes set on Brazil who’ve been the winners of world cup many times like in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and latest was in 2002 and when we have such passionate team, why would it be one of the Hot topics when it comes FIFA 2014.

Spain is on the other hand, a team which won world cup on 2010 for the very first time which clearly send out a message saying “watch out” to the other teams. Spain after winning this FIFA in 2010 has changed the whole course of FIFA by coming on the top and making other teams more conscious about its own existence. Spain has created its own place out here in this World Cup by hard work and courage.

Brazil being the home country for FIFA 2014 has an added advantage to it, like the support and encouragement. The pressure that Brazil is carrying is comparatively higher than other teams as the stress of winning or losing in their home country is getting higher and higher each day and of course as more of Brazilians’ show up in the audience, the support system for Brazil boosts up and that might be a reason for Brazil to work twice as hard in order to make their people proud.

On the other hand, when it comes to Spain, it also has extra and higher pressure to prove themselves as not being a flick rather more than that, being the players who depict consistency and hard work, to that after winning 2010 world cup, they haven’t slowed down in fact have been trying to make another cut into this FIFA 2014.

So whom are you betting on? Spain or Brazil? As both of these teams have shown their true capabilities of talent on the field.

Let’s see who make it to the top, Brazil the host country or Spain the underdog champions!

Whom are you betting on?

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Last modified: June 16, 2014