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Top 10 Cigars across the World

Addictions are hard to overcome. People who are addicted to cigarettes keep on making resolutions every day to smoke less, but they always end up smoking even more. To escape smoking and related health issues, the best way would be to go for cigars. Cigars display a particular class and act as a status symbol for people, who go to high-profile parties daily. It is a delicacy that can not be enjoyed by everyone. Even a beggar buys a cigarette sometimes if he gets money on a particular day, ditching his beedi. So, do you actually want to smoke something that every other person on the roadside is smoking? Cigarettes can be found all over the landscape.

The guys who smoke are usually not liked by girls. But, if you go for cigars, they will definitely turn 100 eyes towards you, all with the curiosity of wanting to know the reason for your choice of smoke. Cigarettes prove to very fatalistic for people above the age of 65, but cigars are useful for elderly people. They are manufactured herbally, and give strength to weak bones. They also reduce the risk of death due to a heart attack. Cigar smoking reduces the urge to drink and eat. So, it is of great use for reducing weight. It also acts as an aid to overcome drinking. It is the best stress-buster and helps you understand your inner self. Whenever you are pissed of with your life, go for a cigar.

The best part about smoking a cigar instead of cigarette is that it takes a longer time to finish. So, if you are smoking cigarette, you can even have 5 cigarettes in 10 minutes, whereas a cigar can easily take around half an hour to finish. A cigar can go upto an hour as well, which is not possible with a cigarette. So, in nutshell, you end up smoking less, as we all know about the side-effects of smoking.

If you are in tension, just sit with one cigar and sove it all. Our mind works faster when we are smoking cigar. I had a friend of mine who used to solve all his life’s problems while having just one cigar. He even used to solve Mathematics problems and questions with every puff of cigar. In a high-profile gathering, this is something that can make you the eye-catching element of the evening. Just imagine yourself, having a big cigar in hand and standing in style, for a picture to be published next morning on Page 3. It sounds really mind-blasting.

But, choosing the best cigar is a huge task. People do not have much information about cigars these days, so, this table will help you choose the cigar apt for you. Have a nice puff!

Name of the Cigar

Power of Cigar

Size of Cigar

Country of Manufacture

Price Per Stick

Bolivar Tubo No.2 C, CC, CCC, CM, M Petit Corona (130 × 16.67 mm) Cuba $ 20.54

Romeo No. 1


C, CC, CCC, M Corona (140 × 15.88 mm) Cuba $ 33
Diplomaticos No.2 C, CC, CM Torpedo (150 × 20 mm) Cuba $ 13
Monte Cristo No. 2 C, CC, CM Torpedo (150 × 20 mm) Cuba $ 16

Ramon Allones Gigantes


C, CC, CM Double Corona (190 × 19 mm) Cuba $ 18
Flor De Cano CCC Petit Corona (123 × 17 mm) Cuba $ 3
Black Tiger C, CC, CM Lonsdale (170 × 17 mm) India $ 7.07
Especiales C, CC, CCC Robusto (120 × 20 mm) USA $ 10.23
Cohiba Esplendidos C, CC, CM Churchill (180 × 20 mm) UK $ 37
Coronas C, CC, CM Corona (140 × 17 mm) Cuba $ 10.2


Though, Cigar smoking is injurious to health, but it is better than cigarettes. A cigar is something to be smoked for leisure. It can easily be smoked for more than an hour and enjoyed till dusk.

I know this would be a disputed article, but I can guarantee that it’ll be very useful for the smokers. It can save you from dying while smoking.

Important: People can die due to smoking is a Scientifically-Proven MYTH. There is no direct relation between the two.

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Last modified: June 18, 2014