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TRP Full Form – What does it Stand for?

Full-Form of TRP is Target Rating Point. A target rating point is a criterion used by television channels in marketing and advertising campaigns for comparing target audience impressions or engagement.

The full form of TRP is the Target Rating point which is also known as Television Rating Point. A Target Rating Point is a criterion used by television channels in marketing and advertising campaigns for comparing target audience impressions through a medium such as television sets.

 It is a device that is designed to evaluate the success or failure of a television show. It measures and calculates the number of people engaged in watching a particular channel or programme, the number of times it is watched and the most popular TV channel. TRP also helps in gauging the interest of the audience that indicates the success of a specific show or series. A high TRP of a program signifies that it has garnered a large number of viewers. Additional Info Also check WIFI Full Form

Purpose of Calculating Television Rating Point (Full form TRP)

Television Rating Point (TRP full form) measures the average number of viewers watching a particular show or channel and how much time they spend on it across various socio-economic groups and regions. It is a device that lets the companies know whether a TV show is a hit or flop.

Depending upon the popularity of a particular show or channel, the advertisers and investors are able to derive their advertising and investment strategy to achieve the maximum result.

If the ratings are high it reflects that the show or channel has high popularity among the viewers. The time slot with a high TRP is sold at a higher price which in turn generates profitable revenues.

How is Television Rating Point (TRP Full Form) Calculated?

INTAM is Indian Television Audience Measurement. DART is Doordarshan Audience Research TV Ratings and it was used to calculate TRPs at an earlier time when Doordarshan was the only channel. 

TRP is calculated with the help of two techniques

People Meters

People Meters are used to survey thousands of viewers that serve as a sample to calculate the ratings. It is a device that is installed in some places or television sets in some designated homes.

These gadgets monitors and collects data regarding the channel or show that is watched by the selected people or family members and for what length of time. Subsequently, the INTAM team analyses the data, calculates the TRP of a programme or channel and measures its popularity. Based on this popularity, the advertisers and companies decide on their media spending strategy. Additional info Also Check LED Full Form

Picture Matching

The second technique is called picture matching in which the people meter records small portions of images that are being watched on the television by the selected sample of people. The respective agency collects this data from several forms and calculates the TRPs.

What does it mean when the Television Rating Point (TRP Full Form) of a channel increases or decreases?

TRP is a crucial component of every channel’s advertising campaign. The rating of a channel or a show has a direct impact on the success and the income generation of the channel on which the programme is being broadcasted. If the channel’s TRP is high, it means that it is being watched by a large number of people across different regions and locations. As a result, more advertisers come forward to invest their money in a particular channel in the form of advertisements. As a large number of people watch the channel, the advertisers are able to reach maximum people and advertise their products.

However, if the TRP of a programme or show is low, the investors put in lesser money. This has negative consequences on the channel as it results in a loss for the channel.

What is BARC?

BARC stands for Broadcast Audience Research Council India. It is an industry body registered by the I&B Ministry in 2015. The purpose of  BARC is to design, manage and provide a reliable, accurate and regular television audience measurement system for India.

At present, the BARC calculates the television watching pattern of 210 million TV households in the country, using 44,000 sample panel homes.

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Last modified: April 25, 2022