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Weak monsoon: Food Prices to Rise?

Monsoon has been disappointing up till now in this year. This has been coming up as a controversy as this is the first year of Narendra Modi Governance and process have already begun to rise and increase tremendously although, monsoon is weak and unsatisfactory which does not give much change to the government in changing natural elements.

Monsoon is considered to occur in June to September every year but this year feels like a drought already in India and we pity those who make a living off this monsoon. It’s been almost 10 days, rain hasn’t moved, monsoon is stuck and even an inch movement is being awaited for.

The rain deficit for India is 37%, Rainfall in June is lowest in a very long time. June is almost over and we haven’t seen a good rainfall for this whole month. The water level has fallen down due to scanty rainfall.

Now we come to food prices which are directly connected to monsoon as if monsoon doesn’t show a good sign, food prices are expected to ride enormously, though process of onion and vegetable has already started showing a rise.

Although, the head of National Weather forecasting center in India is making a forecast that rain is expected to happen in few coming days i.e. in about 2-3 days which comes as a ray of hope in this drought.

Farmers are suffering with stress and worry as they are facing challenge of slow sowing of vegetables, oilseeds, paddy and pulses.

The prices of vegetable are expected to rise and become double in the coming 3 months.

Onion price have risen for by 16% in last few days.

Vegetables have increased prices up to double amounts and in some cases even more like lemon, cucumber have increased prices from Rs. 10/kg up to Rs. 25/kg.

It seems like Narendra Modi, the President is going through a crisis and controversies do not take time in becoming big.

Is it something to worry about as of now or patience will tell and time will make it better? Well, for farmers it’s a situation to worry and also common people will suffer with difficulty to afford such high prices of food.


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Last modified: June 28, 2014