What to eat in Rishikesh

When you are traveling to Rishikesh  from Delhi. On the way through you will get to see many food options like dhabas, Fast food restaurants. But not all dhabas food is good. so you can give a miss to some of them. There are many popular eating destinations on the  way to rishikesh as well as in rishikesh.

Here is the list of restaurants & Dhabas

Jain Shikanji 

To beat the heat you can have the best lemonade commonly known as shikanji. It is in Modi Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. To find the original one its an difficult task as many have taken the name. There you can also enjoy snacks like pokodas, chole kulche and bread pokoda along with shikanji. 

Rurkee Campus

 In the rurkee you can have light snacks like maggie, pokodas and tea.

Cheetal Grand

It is an pure vegetarian restaurant on the banks of ganga river. The place is excactly in the mid way to rishikesh from delhi. 

Hoshiarpur Dhaba

It is a traditional dhaba which serve good authentic dal and sabzi. It is in Haridwar

Ganga Beach Cafe 

It is near Laxman Jhula. It is a place you can get lots snacks.

Chotiwala Restaurant

It has many outlets in Haridwar and rishikesh. It serves good authentic poori sabzi and lassi.

German Bakery

It is near laxman jhula. Known for its excellent bakery products

60’s (Cafe Delmar/ Beatles Cafe)

It has very good ambiance along wityh great view of river ganga .  It has great menu that includes a vegan smoothie with soy milk, good sandwiches.

Ramana Garden

It has an outdoor seating with great views. It has some of the best sandwiches and fresh salads in town.






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