Where to buy music online in India- a Digital World of Music Lovers

When we say, “everything is online or digital”, it is definitely not an exaggeration but a fact which has given us an opportunity to explore everything we’ve always wanted. Whether you talk about apparels, accessories, gadgets, mobiles, electronics, tickets, everything is right there on your computer screen one click away. Isn’t it simply amazing!

In this world of where real music and piracy have been in a war since like a decade, companies have still also managed to give us opportunity to buy music online; Hindi, English, Bollywood, old Hindi, rock, jazz, etc. you name it and you buy it! It is a chance for people who like to listen to real and safe music.

CDs, Mp3, DVDs, everything is available right here with simply no efforts except making up your mind on which one you want to buy because the music collection here can be mind boggling for anyone.

Here’s an article which will you about online portals where Music can be bought from anywhere within India.

There are various music portals such as:

Amazon.in Amazonmp3

  • Amazon has been digitally available since 2007 and has created a reputed and reliable space within its customer’s minds. It is one of the largest music selling portals out of all. Amazon is available worldwide with a huge collection of music of all genres, of all albums, of all movies. Amazon is a portal where English and Hindi; both albums are available for customers to buy.


itunes stores:

  • Apple’s iTunes Store has the biggest collection of music tracks on the planet. There are options to automatically connect your apple product like in ipod, ipad etc and music is automatically synced, but to buy music from itunes Store, you need not necessarily have Apple product.
  • It’s an Apple creation, what would you expect from it? Classy, reliable, innovative and entertaining! Need not say more!
  • This online store also has more to offer like music videos, audio books, movies, free podcasts, apps, etc.



  • This new latest incredible online store is purely for Hindi songs. Every album, musician, movie, videos, games, radio and what not is fitted in this music portal to sooth your mind and soul with melodious music. Check out this online music store, buy some music for yourself and have a blissful day.


 Ovi Store

  • Nokia Launched its own digital platform for customers to buy music called Ovi store which has absolutely all kinds of music you could ask for. You name it and it’s yours! Hindi, Bollywood, International, Gazala and lot more to explore in here.
  • Check out this online music store by Nokia.



  • It is an amazing concept which gives promotion platform for independent artists. Hungama launched this online music portal. This is a portal where customers can buy music by independent artists and Le voila! You’ve got a music unheard, unexplored and unfelt.
  • Check this one out



  • A digital music platform which not only sells music online but also sells t-shirts of bands, musicians, autographed. A music lover would definitely adore this one.
  • Music of any genre and t-shirt of any band or musician. Can you possibly ask for more? I wouldn’t.


  • This digital platform was introduced by Hungama to make music approachable to us of all genres and of all artists.
  • Music lovers, here’s your chance, grab it!


According to the PwC report, the music industry in India is predicted to grow at a faster pace as the percentage sales of non-physical formats overtakes that of physical format. Digital world has shown great growth serving high quality music to customers.

Keep yourself tunned!

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Last modified: June 10, 2014