Love is one of the greatest gifts we can share with our dogs.

Nowadays, many of the people perceive their pets as companion of life.  Today, there are many changes on the roles of dogs and the prime one is an emotional support to the owner and his/her protection. Dog’s earned the nickname -man’s best friend, because they work for humans in so many ways. Having a family dog enhances the quality of a person’s life. Animal companionship reduces loneliness and gives a person a sense of well being. The presence of pets increases feelings of happiness, security, and it reduces the feelings of loneliness. They can fill a person’s emotional needs which can sometimes be substituted for the loss of a particular human attachment, or it can add to certain social contacts that enhance specific pleasures in life. This article is useful for you if you are planning to buy a dog for any type of protection, it is best to research the breed you are interested in to make an informed choice. Some popular dog breeds are mentioned below:


  • Bullmastiff 

The bullmastiff is a large breed of domestic dog, with a solid build and a short muzzle. This breed is known for its physical strength, protection instincts, courageousness, and extreme family loyalty. If an intruder crosses its path, a Bullmastiff will typically use its strength to knock them over or block their path. The breed is very docile in a family environment, however, and makes a great household pet.


Males -25 to 28 inches (64 to 71 cm) tall at the withers and 110 to 130           pounds (50 to 59 kg). Females – 24 to 26 inches (61 to 66 cm) at the withers, and 100 to 120 pounds (45 to 54 kg).

  • Doberman Pinscher 

If you have a large piece of property that you are trying to protect, a Doberman pinscher is a great guard dog for you. This breed is incredibly fast and is able to reach an intruder in a short amount of time. Known as the fifth-smartest dog breed in the world, Dobermans are fearless, alert, and loyal dogs. It is a dog of large size. Although the breed standards vary among   kennel and breed clubs, the dog typically stands between 66 to 72 cm, 69 being ideal, the female is typically somewhere between 61 to 68 cm, 64 being ideal.

  • Rottweiler 

It is a large size breed of domestic dog. Originally bred as cattle-protecting dogs, Rottweilers are known to be relentless protectors of their pack. They are an intelligent breed and extremely loyal to their owners. Rottweilers are known to be aloof with strangers until properly introduced to them and are very quick learners.

Technically a “medium / large” breed, according to the FCI standard the Rottweiler stands 61 to 69 cm (24″-27″) at the withers for males, 56 to 63 cm (22″-25″) for females, and the weight must be between 50 to 60 kg (110–132 lbs) for males and between 35–48 kg (77–105 lbs) for females.

  • Puli 

 The Puli is a small-medium breed of Hungarian herding and livestock guarding dog known for its long, corded coat. Pulis are known for their suspicious nature. They are always alert and will bark to alert their owners of anything out of the ordinary. Pulis are very smart and require constant companionship. They make great additions to families with active lifestyles, as they love hiking, running, and outdoor activities. As a working dog, the Puli is very obedient, focused and determined when assigned a task. Some of them are used as police dogs. As a livestock guarding dog they are fiercely protective of their territory and flock, and, despite their relatively small size, will fearlessly try to scare and drive any intruder away, however they very rarely inflict any real injuries.

  • Giant Schnauzer

    The Giant Schnauzer was originally bred as a multipurpose farm dog   for guarding property and driving animals to market. Giant Schnauzers are strong, powerful, and dominant dogs that require strict training. This breed requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation and requires constant attention. Giant Schnauzers are powerful, compact, and intimidating. Their extreme family loyalty makes them excellent guard dogs.


  • German Shepherd 

German Shepherds around the world are often the preferred breed for many types of work, including search-and-rescue, police and military roles and even acting. German Shepherds are bold, confident, and fearless. They are extremely intelligent and quick to learn commands, thus making them a favorite police dog breed. German Shepherds have a calm demeanor when in a household but can quickly react when their family or home is threatened.


  • Rhodesian Ridgeback 

 Originally bred to hunt lions, this dog has a strong prey drive and tends to be independent in nature. Ridgebacks are loyal and make natural watchdogs. They are said to be selective in their barking so when a Ridgeback barks, it needs to be taken seriously. Rhodesian Ridgebacks must be properly trained and managed, as they are not naturally obedient. The breed loves to cuddle and often thinks it’s a lapdog.

  • Kuvasz

 It has historically been used as a royal guard dog, or to guard livestock, but has been increasingly found in homes as a pet over the last seventy years. This breed is very territorial and has a strong instinct to guard its family and home. The Kuvasz tends to be aloof with strangers but craves affection from its family.

  • Staffordshire Terrier 

 The Staffordshire BullTerrier is a medium-sized, stocky, and very muscular dog. Often confused with the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire terrier was bred for bear and bull fighting. Their aggressive and protective natures make them excellent guard dogs but require them to be properly socialized and trained from an early age. Staffordshire Terriers make great household pets, known to only be aggressive when protecting a family member.


Color, size, price are some factors which you can consider before choosing the right breed for you.

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Last modified: May 29, 2014