which online site offers the cheapest flights for Travelling

Travelling has become an integral part of our lives. Be it work or personal affairs, we need to get onboard very often. The only difficult task that we find here is getting reservations for the journey. But with the advent of technology it has now become possible to plan your journey before hand with outmost ease. It has become very easy now days to get your ticket reservations done especially your flight tickets. Online websites have secured payment gateways which ensure that you have a save and easy experience while using their services. But the question is which online site offers the cheapest flight. In this article we have taken top online websites for flight booking and a comparison is done using an example for making a clear conclusion for the same flight from Delhi to Mumbai. Here departure date is taken as 2 June 2014 and return date is 3 June 2014. So let’s begin.

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  • This is the most preferred and reliable air line ticket booking website in the country. It has become one of the most reliable names for the travelers.  You can find pretty generous rates and packages to make the journey all the more easy.
  • Cheapest price: Rs 5232

  • As the name suggests this website is completely dedicated to make your travel convenient. In addition to airline tickets, you can also book buses, train tickets etc. Also you can books rooms in hotels and hire cabs.
  • Cheapest price: Rs 8525

  • Over here you can book tickets at convenient rates and avail various discounts and offers the website has to offer. “Search” makes it easy to find the all flight options. Plan your journey as well as your stay.
  • Cheapest price: Rs 9238


  • Expedia is a pretty cool way of arranging your travel. Not only book you tickets but also avail super discounts on ticket and hotel accommodation combo. Hence if you are planning a vacation, go for Expedia.
  • Cheapest price: Rs 9438


  • Travelocity is a great option for you. Book tickets; arrange accommodation for a peaceful vacation. You can also hire cabs and get vacation packages at discounted rates.
  • Cheapest price: Rs 9634 offers the cheapest flight rate.


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Last modified: May 29, 2014