why is a masters degree so important

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of master’s courses being taught. A master’s degree involves moving a step further into the realm of higher learning to enable you to be considered a true professional. To attain a primary (bachelor’s) degree is a great achievement in itself and nothing to be sneered at, but to go on from there and achieve a master’s degree shows a higher, more involved level of knowledge. But why it is important to get a master’s degree? Let’s explore the reasons here.

  • Master’s degree courses broaden the prospect of job opportunities: There are facts and figures to confirm it. According to a statistical data taken recently, Master Degree holders are prone to better job opportunities than those without it. While only 4% of postgraduate students were found without employment, the other category had a higher rate of unemployment.


  • Master’s Degree-necessary for research oriented programs: In case, you are oriented towards research and development. Then master’s program is one of the essential stepping stones to such programs.


  • Niche-based: Most bachelor’s degree graduates deal with a wide scope of a particular job. They tend to know a little of everything, but are masters of no particular niche. This makes them unfit for sensitive jobs that require high proficiency levels. Master’s graduates on the other hand seem to have a little knowledge about everything and also everything about a particular area. They therefore tend to be the best for consultation and problem-solving.


  • Advancement: One of the most important factors when considering a new career is the opportunity for advancement. Earning a master’s degree can greatly increase your chances of advancing within a company once you are hired.


  • Experience: While attending graduate school you are exposed to new faculty, professors, students and surroundings, not to mention academic challenges. The experience of earning a master’s degree will allow you to learn from and absorb perspectives and information you may not otherwise have the opportunity to encounter. Broadening your experience through advanced education can more adequately prepare you for working in your occupational field and make you a better-rounded job candidate and person.



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Last modified: May 23, 2014