Why to Buy TATA ZEST over Amaze, Maruti Dzire and Hyundai Xcent

A Few Highlights of all these cars under Sub 4 Meter or Compact Sedan Category. In below points you can check which car offers more value for money or More Bang for Buck..

  1. The side profile of Zest are the smoothest.
  2. Tata Zest boot integration looks the most appealing, the Amaze comes second.
  3. Interior Quality of Hyundai Xcent is Top Notch offer alot of list of features.
  4. TATA Zest offers Very European Kind of Interior, And offers 29 first in category features.
  5. Maruti Dzire, offers well suited interior in two tone colors.
  6. Honda Amaze Lacks in terms of Interior Dashboard design and features also its the costliest car in this category.
  7. The Tata Zest is the most powerful and torquiest car when it comes to petrol engines.
  8. The TATA Zest is the only diesel car to be offered with an auto box, uses an AMT.
  9. The Zest is the second fastest diesel car in terms of acceleration.
  10. Tata Motors has got the right tune on the diesel Zest, it’s the most drivable. No Turbo Lag at all.
  11. Except the Hyundai, all other cars are fun to drive with very good handling.
  12. The Zest has the best ride quality and the best brakes.
  13. All get ABS, airbags but the Zest is more loaded in lower trims, also feels the most solid
  14. This is indeed how the cars finish, the Zest wins while the Xcent comes in a close second.
  15. TATA Zest is the only which comes with Alloy wheels in all variants.
  16. Value for Money – TATA ZEST.
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Last modified: August 20, 2014