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  Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen


2nd Floor, 50A, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi


011 40678649, 011 41027746

If you have been to Nepal or have been in a boarding school where you had nepalese friend or you know somebody Nepali you will really get nostalgic, because  interior bring glimpses of  the cafe of thamel or Jhamsikhel. The waiters are well dressed in Darua Surwal, dhaka topi and the music playing from the time of darpan chaya.

Yeti serves Himalyan and Tibetan cuisine, which is a rarity in the city. The ambience is very serene and Zen-like and oddly, reminded me of the mountains. Not knowing too much about the cuisine, we ordered momos, which were pretty good. We also ordered a Chicken starter which was sort of like Chilli Chicken on skewers. It was spicy but delicious. Yeti is paradise for those who love mutton. They have a lot of dishes dedicated to it. But we were too full after the starters (their portions are good) so we skipped dinner. Their menu’s a nice mix of Tibetan, Nepal and Naga, The shaptah (thinkly sliced buff with spices) is a must try as it’s a spectacular dish served with the yummy tingmo (bread). They give you a complimentary plate of spiced chickpeas which is just divine.

Ambience: Dimly lit, with flags, wall hangings in Tibetan language. Makes you feel you are dining somewhere in the hills. Tables are pretty small though.


It was decent, not like a well trained star hotel opulence but the staff was courteous and helpful. But you cannot depend on the waiters for recommendations here, now whether it’s their mountain coyness or problem with the language, they could not help with the menu. So call the manager for help if required, and once the decision is made be assured that the waiters will serve you promptly.


Menu of Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Nepali snacks Price
Aloo sadeko 185
Gundruk sadeko 185
Bhuteko chana 185
Piroo aloo 185
Veg wai wai sadeko 150
YETI special veg platter 250
Sukuti sadeko 275
Bhutun 225
Phokso 275
Macha tareko 225
Non-veg wai wai sadeko 175
YETI special non-veg platter 375
Cheyley 175
Ghyuma 295
Dhopa khasta 250
Shapta 250
Lowa 250
Chilli chicken dry 275
Chicken dry fry with peanut and butter 275
Spicy fried chicken 275
YETI special Tibetan non-veg platter 495
Nepali thali set – Thakali (veg) 395
Nepali thali set – Thakali (non-veg) 495
Aloo tarkari 175
Gobi aloo tarkari 175
Fried beans 175
Fried spinach 175
Fried mushrooms 175
Fried mixed veg 225
Mutton curry 295
Chicken curry 295
Fish curry 295
Fried chicken dry 295
Masala buff 275
Fried pork 275
Pork with bamboo shoot 225
Pork with soya sauce 225
Crispy pork with honey 275
Doh nai 275
Spicy shredded pork 275
Steamed fish 275
Pork curry 275
Sukuti fry 275
Thukpa veg 175
Thukpa non-veg 275
YETI special thukpa 275
Veg momo 175
Chicken momo 225
Mutton momo 225
Buff momo 225
Tingmo 75
Fried rice 160
Chilli garlic fried rice veg/non-veg 150/225
Fried rice (non-veg) 225
Steamed rice 80
Prawn fried rice 225
YETI special fried rice 375
Chow chow veg 150
Chow chow non-veg 175


Must have delicacies

WaiWai Sadeko, Lowa, Thukpa, Gyuma, momos (all types).

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