7 places to drink in Delhi that will not burn a hole in your pocket

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It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. If you are fond of alcohol, then you will always search for places where you can find your favorite drink at an affordable price. And such places become your insant favorites for having fun with you gang. We will give you the best 7 places in Delhi where you can find alcohol at cheap rates.

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  1. My Bar Lounge and Restaurant:

Again CP to the rescue. Talk of a problem and Connaught Place will give you a solid solution. My Bar lies in the Outer Circle, nearest to Metro Exit no. 7, this place is a complete package with an eye-catching decor and mosaic of Jim Morrison on the wall just makes it perfect. Along with a pocketing-friendly alcohol menu, this place has some nice starters too, in short, it is a complete package.


  1. Castle 9:

Looks like CP is the best place to have some drinks if you are low on budget. Another bar where you and your friends can crash, a place where it does not matter if you are broke and low on budget. The prices will mesmerize you for sure. Apart from drinking, you are even free to smoke here. There are seperate rooms as well for the days you want to have a private party. You have go to love this place!


3.Urban Hub:

Located near Kamla Nagar, Urban Hub is a place famous and well known by all the student community for affordable prices of liquor. Dimly lit with Red and Yellow lights, the ambience here is priceless and goes well with the drinks. The music is simply a treat to the ears and the generous staff simply makes your day better. If the drinks are not enough, you can also have a flavored Hookah here. No awards on guessing that the drinks are available on economical prices.


  1. Garage Inc.

Hauz Khas Village is a place full of options, economical ones too and such a great option is Garage Inc. Every hour is a happy hour here as they have it 24×7. The drinks are very reasonably priced due to which Garage Inc. is an obvious choice in HKV. You have a choice to choose from Indoor, Outdoor and Balcony seating which is an absolute delight. You can smoke in the Balcony area and that is why this place will become your favorite for sure.


  1. Gola Sizzlers:

Ok. We accept this is a place where you will get some irrestible Sizzlers, but isn’t it great when you get alcohol with some great food? At Gola Sizzlers, you get some fabulous sizzlers as well the finest alcohol brands at an unmatched price. The prices of food and drinks will make you wonder why din’t you visit this place earlier. And last but not the least, their superb ambience is a plus point only.


  1. Pocket Bar:

With Crimson Red lights, we bring you Pocket Bar. In the beginning, this place may take you to a Blood Vampire fantasyland, but the menu will bring back to reality. A better news is that they have an insane happy hour scheme- Take 3 and Pay for 1. And not to forget they have extended ‘Happy Hours’ to 12 long hours. Located in Vasant Square Mall, Vasant Kunj, this is a place where you should be right now if you don’t want to miss the affordable drinks.


  1. Pebble Street:

We are not kidding! This place looks exactly like any other pub in Europe. So, this is the time to get back into your shoes and rush to New Friends Colony. The ambience, the decor, the drinks- Everything has perfection in it. The menu is very reasonably priced and has a lot of options as well. A very good possibility that you might meet some foreigner here, so just take a picture with them and post it online with a bluff to show you are in Europe as it might catch your friends off-guard.

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