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The underdogs are always expected to under-perform and disappoint you. But that is not always true. Sometimes, an underdog can surprise you with its abilities and performance. Same is the case with some places in Hyderabad that are not-so-famous but we are positive that they will surely please you with their delicious food. Here is the list of a few places-

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 Cafe Bahar:

It is not famous but we can bet you that Cafe Bahar is a pioneer in serving mouth-watering, in fact, one of the best biryanis in Hyderabad. Freshly prepared with a lot of spices, their Chicken & Fish biryani are simply out of this world and it is a shame that this place is still unknown to the people of Hyderabad. Don’t worry about the ambience as it is fine and Cafe Bahar has a family section as well. A meal here is economical as well as it will cost you around 300 bucks for two people.

 De Thali:

One of the most underrated place in Hyderabad city but undoubtedly one of the best vegetarian places in the city is De Thali. Serving Rajasthani cuisine in Hyderabad, they serve a sit down buffet with starters and a fully loaded main course meal with veggies, rice, kadis and 3 different variety of breads & sweet dishes. It is also a sweet shop where all the sweet-toothed freaks can have a good time. A heavy meal here for two will cost you around Rs 600.

 Our Place:

A place elegantly decorated which can give you a complete dining experience is Our Place. With a majority of seating in an open air ambiance, this restaurant experiences nice, cool breeze in the evenings and is simply perfect for a romantic evening. The non-vegetarian menu for this place is outstanding and has some amazing choices such as Murgh ke Sholay, Hara Bhara Kebab and desserts like Firni and Orange Kheer are something that you must eat at every cost.

 Aromas Of China:

A Chinese restaurant whose presence is still not that heavily felt is Aromas of China. Low lights with long rows of dark colored tables and high backed chairs, the ambiance of this place is so beautiful. The decorations and traditional statues give a great feel to this place. But when the food will be on your table, all this will become secondary for you. The food is heavenly and is something that will make your experience memorable for sure. You can grab a drink here and just relax yourself from all the tensions of the world. It is a budget place, so you can be even more relaxed.

 Simply South:

Another amazing outlet that is underrated in spite of being a pioneer in serving authentic cuisines from the states of South India is Simply South. This is possibly the best place to have all the type of South Indian dishes as it brings together all cuisines from the South Indian states ranging from Kerela to Andhra Pradesh. Amazing thalis with food that is spicy indeed to make you sweat is a more than enough reason to visit this place.

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