BAJAJ Bikes price 2015 and mileage

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Bajaj auto has shown a tremendous growth over the years. They depict poise, ambition and dedication which most of the people these days aspire to be. Bajaj has a huge list of bikes they keep on introducing every now and then. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a track of those. 

last updated on:- 18-06-2021

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Here’s a list of all bikes by Bajaj with price and mileage:


Bike Model Price (Rs.) Mileage(kmpl)
1. Avenger 220 DTS-i 78,664 40-45
2. Pulsar 200 NS 87,193 45-50
3. Pulsar 220 83,585 40-45
4. Pulsar 180 71,279 58.1
5. Pulsar 150 68,180 50-55
6. Pulsar 135 LS 59,291 68.1
7. Discover 125disc 50530 60-78
8. Discover 125drum 48,532 60-78
9. New Discover 125TDisc NA 55-60
10. New Discover 125TDrum NA 55-60
11. Discover 100TDisc 44,026 60-64
12. Discover 100TDrum 48,059 60-64
13. Discover 100 M Disc 48,055 84
15. Discover 100 44,026 70-75
17. Platina 100 Alloy Wheel 39,030 70-75
18. Platina 100 spoke wheel 37,044 70-75


Note: In the above table, prices are ex showroom prices; you can always check the on road prices of these bikes and are exclusive taxes.

There is also a service where you visit Bajaj auto’s official website and select the option called dealer connector, you just have to type in your city and you’ll be provided contact of dealers where you can buy bikes on a lower price.

The above list has all the bikes manufactured by BAJAJ with their process and mileage after a thorough research.

There are total of 18 models as shown in the same, every bike has its own identification. Bajaj comes out of such new and innovated designs that remaining bikes in the market start getting complexities.

Bajaj makes bikes which look masculine, or sporty or racing look cars etc. and at affordable prices. They are the leaders. Bajaj is still popular among customers and will be because of the loyalty of customers and consistency of the company.


Hope this article helps you in making a better choice!


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Last modified: June 18, 2021