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Best Astrology WebSites in India

Astrology, in spite of people pretending not to believe in it, still everyone has a sense of curiosity inside when it comes to zodiac, sun signs, stars everything conspiring towards the making of your time and destiny. Who wouldn’t be interested in this, only the non-believer ones? But here we are, for the people who have faith in everything, who are fascinated by astrology, check out some amazing websites which will enlighten you everything about astrology, learn it, be acquainted with it, and embrace it!

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Here we go with the list:

This is one different site to magnetize customers by personalizing the site yet keeping it open. This site gives you opportunity to ask anything and everything about yourself. Whether it is regarding love, previous birth, marriage, romance, business, work, future, career, travel, health, education, success, property etc, it’s all here at one place. You can always ask a question about your personal self, regarding gemstone, birth time rectification, etc.

This is one of the easiest sites to look up to and very informative by Future point creations. There are options like online tarot card reader, rashi phal, consultancy, market predication, mantras, books for astrology, research articles, palmistry. It offers an open environment where learning astrology is also given as an option for customers.

Check out this trendy website, with systematic different sections of services they provide like, free horoscopes, career & business, relationships, love, marriage, children, wealth, starry specials and the best part about this site, when you scroll down, you see options like astrologer panel, talk to the astrologer now, market prediction astrologers team. There is a transparency maintained for the astrology lovers.

This website has a quote “redefining destiny” is already an attraction for a start. Then they have such variety of services compared to other sites like, rudraksh beads, yantras, divine idols, lucky charms, fengshui, magic oils, astrology books, spiritual jewelry etc. they also provide paid services like reports. They have created a head to toe learning portal, if a person reaches this website for once, cannot go back doing something else until he/she explores it all.

If this site could be explained in a few words then the words chosen would be straightforward, subtle yet enlightening. There are paid services like: ask Jagjit Uppal (about anything of your life) – Rs. 5400, two questions – Rs. 6900, matchmaking – Rs. 7500, questions regarding couple – Rs. 6900, and if you want to consult Jagjit Uppal over a phone, it will cost you Rs. 15000. Site is also focused on the spiritual side of a human, offers knowledge about spirituality, and horoscopes.

This astrology website’s main focus is horoscopes and readings the stars, there is also specified their expert astrologers creating lucidity among people searching through the website. They have different factors like yoga to get closer to your inner self; there is numerology which is constantly gaining popularity, tarot etc.

As the name suggests, it’s all about astrology knowledge available here apart from daily horoscopes. There is all information related to therapies, herbs, gemstones, astrology research, spirituality etc.

This is an interesting website to visit if you want to explore and learn at the same time. Here, everything is available, numerology, chine astrology, vedic astrology, tarot, love etc. there are also certain interesting articles always popping up on this website in order to keep the customers entertained which actually works, worked in my case at least! I couldn’t get my eyes off this website once entered.

There is absolutely everything available here. Just click and learn. Horoscope, nadi astrology, remedies, learning, health, beauty, marriage etc. there are also available articles to help you out and grab attention like career forecast, soul mate compatibility, are you meant for each other?, electional astrology, health outlook etc.

Above are the best considered astrology sites available in India where there is transparency and contact options if someone has the need to personally consult astrologers. Every website has something different to discover and learn from it.

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Last modified: May 31, 2014