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Travelling is not just a passion, but also a necessity nowadays. As the world has been come closer, travelling long distances is required for the professional as well as personal accomplishments. People from professional background of media, entertainment or marketing have to travel a lot as a part of their work. Thus, it is necessary to have a comfortable and well-designed vehicle, which will be able to satisfy the needs of consumers. Convertible car is an upcoming trend in an automobile field, which is a best option for frequent travelers. The concept is quite popular in other countries already. In India, automobile producers are trying to launch various types of convertible cars. A car can be converted into another model in the following areas:

  • Rooftop: There are some cars in which rooftop can be adjusted according to your requirements. In summers, you can enjoy open roof while in winters, you can opt for a closed rooftop look.
  • Windows: Some cars come with convertible windows and window panes. This simply means that, you can adjust the size and direction of your windows according to wind structure or preferred look by you.
  • Engine type: You can convert car engine from petrol to diesel fuel. This option is available in many cars nowadays. According to current prices and availability, you can change the type of fuel engine.

Safety of Convertible Cars

It is necessary to ensure that the convertible car you are buying is efficiently designed and protected from the crashes. These types of cars are prone to accident possibilities due to changes in original metal structure. Therefore, you must ensure that the car safety ride has been performed for the model which you have chosen.

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Some Convertible Cars in India

  • Aston Martin DB9 Volante– It is model which has amazing look as well as solid structure. Available for approximately rupees 2 Crores and 38 thousand, the car provides mileage of around 4 kmpl in city area.
  • BMW 3 Series Convertible– A car with adjustable rooftop and windowpanes, BMW 3 series model is available for 57 lakhs to 80 lakhs as per current market rates. The model can be purchased with an option of amazing color schemes. The company has also launched another car in 6 Series which will be priced around 1 Crore.

  • Jaguar XKR Type: It is a car with sporty look having developed control system and mileage up to 5 kmpl in the city. It is available for 1. 5 Crores in the Indian market. Stunning looks is one more added specialty of this model.

  • Bentley Continental GTC: A well known company in the field of automobile sector, Bentley, has launched this convertible car with changing rooftop. It comes under luxury series of Bentley. It is available for around 4 Crores in international market. 



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