Discount Offers on Premium Cars 2014

Recently in the beginning of 2014, during Auto expo 2014, companies like Audi, Mercedes and BMW made an impactful comment of giving discounts on their cars as they want to sell them off in order to launch new models with clarity. They are keen to clear their stock as the discount offers seem to be pretty heavy. Some of the discount offers are:

Audi is cutting off prices on its Q7, A2 and A4 models varying from 5-7 lakhs.

Mercedes-Benz is also giving heavy discounts on its E-class and C-class models for approximately 6 lakhs.

BMW is also going on the same way by giving discounts on its X3 and X5 models for approximately 6-7 lakhs

All of these companies have announced such discounts in order to make it easier for them as they are eager to sell off the stock so that they launch new stock, new cars in the market. Customers always tend to be more inclined towards discount offers. And this is a good strategy to gain their attention and customers’ responsibility is to grab the opportunities given to them. To buy a luxury car in a huge investment for a customer and it is time consuming at the same time. Looking at discounts going on in the market, it clicks customers to make an effort. Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz all are trying this strategy which works both ways which means it is in the favor of both, the company and buyers. As per the company point of view, it is gaining as they want to sell off their stock so their offer works, and on the other hand, buyers can go for the offer as it’s beneficial. Discounts which come in lakhs make huge differences in making a decision to buy a premium car for a customer.

Whichever company or car they prefer in these selected models, customers can avail discount through dealers.


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Last modified: May 22, 2014