Is IPL losing its sheen?

What began as a mode of entertainment has been transformed into a major money coughing extravaganza in our nation. Since IPL has come into the scenario the lesser known players are getting more and more exposure and hence economically they are getting better and living pretty good and luxurious life which is the dream of each and every individual. It has inspired more parents to allow their kids to take up cricket as career option. The tournament, which includes star players from across the globe playing for various Indian state franchises, has frequently been dubbed a “money-spinner,” with a wealth of sponsors, high-profile politicians and even Bollywood stars backing the competition. More importantly it has provided the growing middle class a true entertainment as they don’t get much time to watch those hours long Test matches and even ODIs. It’s the impact of IPL on Indian Cricket that nowadays you can find a tirelessly working individual watching and enjoying each and every moments of the game as it goes like a 3 hour long movie which contains all the elements like drama, action, thriller, and even comedies in form of Siddhu’s never ending punches.

 The tournament has been marred by the plague of corruption and money laundering resulting in some really bad press. Its founder Lalit Modi was suspended from the tournament in 2010 amid charges of misappropriation of funds from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Indian government. Of the 10 teams, Kochi has been thrown out for non-payment of fees, while two teams still in the running, Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab, are facing arbitration in cases filed by the BCCI. Both teams are being investigated for breaching their contract agreements by changing their shareholding patterns without the BCCI’s consent. The Rajasthan Royals have also allegedly violated the Foreign Exchange Maintenance Act.

Watching IPL stars being escorted to jail, the BCCI president’s son-in-law getting embroiled in a betting scandal, the hammering by the Supreme Court and general elections generating unprecedented interest all seem to have hurt interest in the game. IPL, which was started by BCCI in accordance with ICC norms and regulations, is constantly loosing its sheen and demand than its previous years. The latest Lok Sabha elections garnered all the TRPs leaving the cricket matches dry and low on viewership. It is a very different story when an event is pitched right against something which is so defining moment for future of the nation. The numbers are still massive, but the growth of the game has taken a hit. A clear indicator is business. There is a dip in sales at the retail level as well as at the manufacturer’s end.

People are wise enough to apprehend themselves from watching such a farce that they believe to be ruining the country and skimming all the riches out to the wealthy moguls. For cricket, it’s very depressing. Earlier, people used to go to enjoy cricket, its technicalities. Now, they don’t take it earnestly, they just come to enjoy the ambience.

It is the BCCI who has not cleared the doubts in the minds of people regarding the betting and match fixing outrages. It has not helped things to get transparent and remove the strands of complacencies that have settled around this beautiful, action-packed game of willow!!

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Last modified: May 22, 2014