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How to deal with perverts in Delhi?

Women safety, sexual harassments, causes of these cases, men in Delhi, Women protection or precautions and much more has been talked about since a few years to a much larger and huge extend. But talking is worthless until actions are being implemented. What they say it right “actions speak louder than words”, and here we are not to talk about the ‘whys’ but to talks about ‘hows’ related to women safety.

We all know what we’ve been told since many years is that Delhi is the most unsafe city as compared to other cities in India in spite of being out nations capital city. A city where on one side India Gate is being saluted but on the other side, a woman is being harassed which creates a chain of guilt and disappointment of being born as a girl.

What’s fair and what’s not, yet again has been talked about over and over again in news, with friends, within family, within workplaces, etc. but what do these women do now? How do they give men the taste of their own bitterness? Here’s what this article is all about.

 There are always precautions which can be taken when it comes to being safe. The incidents have given opportunities to women in order to have a voice and raise it!

Things will definitely change but waiting someday might teach you to be strong and build your own safety guidelines. Here are some tips to be safe and always stay alert:

  • Most important pointer is to always stay alert, day, night, office, college, road, transport anywhere, be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be confident and tough rather than polite and firm.
  • Always be noticeable, as your safety is in your hands until an authority is aware of the situation. If you notice someone following you, believe in your intuition and quickly go to more crowded place and there’s no harm in shouting out that a person is following you.
  • Never be ignorant towards eve teasing because if not you are not the victim for that day, someone else might be. Be strong of you are in a crowded place but if you are in a secluded place, you’re first reaction should be to call on security numbers and move over to a more crowded place.
  • Women must be encouraged to learn how to drive which is much safer than travelling alone in public transports.
  • If you have a car, never park in desolate area.
  • Have a good look into your car before locking and unlocking.
  • If you commute by public transport it is better to take crowded buses with other females and males travelling.
  • Travelling I autos, taxis, buses, by your own car, or with your driver, always take the road routes which you are aware of, taking routes for the sake of shortcuts should be avoided no matter how much time you would save.
  • Never board an empty bus or a bus where only a few passengers are available.
  • Don’t show ignorance or avoidance when someone tries to make any kind of physical contact in transport, public areas, crowded places, markets, etc. criminal minds might take ignorance as acceptance.
  • These days smart phones have been very useful, as you can download safety apps for women like SOS Stay safe, 0hour women safety app, bsafe, safetypin, onWatch,, scream alarm, fightback, I am safe, circle of 6, YMCA safety siren, etc. are a some applications for android, windows or Blachberry smart phones which help the women in danger to send their location to their circle of contacts being registered in the application with setting off alarm. Smart phones have started helping out women being smart in such situations.
  • If possible always travel with 2-3 more women with you, in order to have more safety as more the number, ability to deal with such dangerous and emergency situations increases.
  • If you sense danger from a person, hit him with whatever you have, bag, lunch box, bottle etc and run and call police on helpline numbers.
  • Always carry pepper spray to injure the attacker for the time being.
  • There are certain sensitive parts of body where you can hit the criminals in order to create distractions and gain some time to save yourself like:


  1. Nose – is very sensitive, it can bleed in one hit, use your elbow which will help.
  2. Try and hit the person between his legs with your leg.
  3. Hitting hard on chest or stomach will give him a setback and you have time to run or hide or call police.
  4. Try hitting on his neck right on Adams apple which will shock him for some time and there you have a distraction.
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Last modified: June 16, 2014