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Career in Photography – Talent or Trend?

What do you need to be a photographer? A camera or eyes of a dreamer? Well, if it was 2 years ago, I would have given critical importance to talent and creativity but things have drastically changed due to technology is evolving and life style changing but what about the true a passion for photography and earning from there? Is it getting vanished in the white noise of advanced economy?

Let’s take a look at all of these questions while helping out our photographers out there dreaming to be unique and famous.

Wherever we go, we somehow notice at least one person having a DSLR camera and instant reaction is wow! He’s a photographer, different than the others. But is it really true?

Has photography become so easy that you buy a camera, learn its functions, take a picture, edit it, and post it and Woah! You’re suddenly given passes for the VIP room of Photographers of all types, beginners, experienced ones, earners from photography, and many more.

I’ve been planning to buy a DSLR since a few months now but every single time I take a step back and ask to myself, Why? Do I want to be a photographer or just for fun? If people like me, who are not passionate about photography but do it just because it is trendy or looks cool, but rather when it comes to photography, where’s room left for the people who are actually passionate and dedicated towards photography aiming to make a career out of it?

Let’s check out what do you need besides your camera to be a photographer and what are your career options once you’re entered into the world of memories and moments.

What does it mean to be a photographer?

Whether you are a fashion photographer, portrait photographer, wildlife, freelancer, feature photographer or any other photographer, camera is the first step but the process begins long before that.


  1. Before choosing this career it is important to know your abilities like, if you can see beyond of what others see in ordinary things.
  2. It is necessary to be creative with technical knowledge of color, background, visual, light etc.
  3. Studying others’ work closely is extremely important to improve artistic bend inside you.
  4. Never be afraid to explore more or to be more experimental in Photography.
  5. Practice make a man perfect is the right saying for any creative career to be opted for, photography is perfected with practice.

Career in Photography:

There are various types of photographers like:

  • Fashion photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Photo journalists
  • Print photography
  • Industrial photography
  • Scientific photography

These days freelance photography is becoming famous as you can always go for your own exhibitions to sell your photographs by paying a certain amount of rent.

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Last modified: June 16, 2014